What Can Mobile Phone Spy Be Used For?

The different uses of mobile phone spy software. Why spy on a cell phone? Different ways to use a mobile phone spy.

what cell phone spy is used for.

Mobile phone spy software is purchased thousands of times a day by people all over the world but why does someone want to spy on another persons cell phone in the first place. What uses and benefits cell phone spy could provide for you in your life.

There are a variety of good and bad reasons to use a mobile phone spy. Once installed to another persons cell phone (or to your computer in the case of a remote phone spy) you will have an abundance of information about that person and their cell phone beyond you wildest dreams including:

  • All calls they make and receive.
  • Spy on all cell phone text messages they send and receive.
  • Any web sites they visit with their cell phones built in web browser.
  • Their physical location day and night.

There is almost no limit to what cell phone spy software can do and there are even some cell phone spy software that will let you listen to cell phone conversations live as they are happening all with the other person having no clue this is going on with their mobile device. Here are the main uses of cell phone spying and cell phone spy software.


This is by far the biggest reason people spy on cell phones. This is also the quickest and most effective way to catch cheating. Imagine how fast you will be able to find out if your partner is cheating or not by being able to spy on all of that persons calls and text messages and see where there are at 24 hours a day. One of the reasons cell phone spy is so popular for this purpose is because the alternative - a private investigator - will cost one hundred times the cost of an inexpensive cell phone spy which costs under $100. Spybubble, one of the most popular phone spy programs, costs just $49.


This is the second most common reason cell phone spy software is uses. By installing a phone monitoring program to a child or teens cell phone a parent can quickly learn who their son or daughter is talking with and hanging out with. Even more powerful is the GPS location tracking feature built in to all phone spy which allow the concerned parent to see everywhere their son or daughter goes. This is very powerful information for today's parent. With all the new risks kids are exposed to today because of technology it is good to know technology also allows mom and dad to still keep a watchful eye on junior. The most popular phone spy for monitor a kid and even being able to control their cell phone remotely is PhoneSheriff.


Espionage in the cooperate world is sometimes required. Is one of your employees exposing cooperate secrets? Do your employees go where they are suppose to go when they are suppose to go there? Use of a phone spy for this application is only limited by your imagination. Any time it is to your benefit to be a 'fly on the wall' and see and hear everything that is happening in the vicinity of one or more of your workers a cell phone spy could prove to be very advantageous. If you are not installing the phone spy to company cell phones you may wish to consider the legal implications and find out if cell phone spying is legal for your situation.


Some people want to spy on another persons cell phone strictly for the fun of it. A perfect example is a boy wanting to spy on his big sister so he can satisfy his curiosities. Probably the least productive use of cell phone spying technology - none-the-less - this serves as a reminder that no matter what the reason you may have for spying on someone's mobile communications cell phone spying does have a certain amount of entertainment value linked to it.