What Cell Phone Spy Software Can Do

The truth about cell phone spy software in terms of what it can and can not do to track and monitor the activities on a persons cell phone.

Mobile phone spy software is used to track the activities and communications of the owner of a cell phone. This software typical gets installed directly to the phone you wish to monitor but there is also remote phone spy which does not require to be installed to the phone you are going to spy on. As a general rule this smart phone spy program runs in the background of the cell phones processes in a totally hidden and covert manner. The spy application on their phone transmit spy details of the target mobile device to a web site. You can log in to this web site 24/7 to view the activities and communications of their cell phones. Most modern cell phones can be spied on using cell phone spy software. Most cell phone spy have very similar tracking and spying abilities that include the following:

  • See calls made and received by their cell phone which generally include the time of every call, if the call was incoming or outgoing, phone numbers calls are made to and received from.
  • See all text messages their cell phone sends and receives which includes the time of each text, if the text was incoming or outgoing, the phone number text messages are sent to and received from as well as the full contents of each SMS exactly as they are sent and received.
  • See all emails they send and receive with their phone. See if each email was incoming or outgoing, phone numbers emails are sent to and received from and the full exact contents of each email as they were sent and received.
  • GPS location tracking. This spy feature lets you see where the phone travels to throughout the day and night. Locations of the cell phone are viewable on a map.
  • Photo and video spying. Any photographs and video they capture with their cell phones camera you can see in your phone spy members area.

Phone spy software with these features include:

These are the most common features of phone spy software but more advanced phone spy applications have the following spy features as well.

  • Be alerted the instant their cell phone makes or receives a phone call and the ability to silently intercept and listen to the live cell phone conversation.
  • Send the target cell phone a special proprietary SMS command which turns on their cell phones microphone turning the cell phone into an audio bugging device.

These more advanced cell phone spy software features are reserved for a select few phone spy programs including: