Tracker Spy | Tracker Spy Pro

Tracker Spy is a new phone location tracking and phone calls and text message spy software program that allows you to track any cell phone for just $49.

Tracker Spy has all the same basic phone spy features most phone spy software has which includes...

  1. call tracking (incoming and outgoing).
  2. text messages tracking (incoming and outgoing).
  3. email spying (incoming and outgoing).
  4. GPS location tracking and movement of the target phone.
  5. See photos they take with their mobile device camera.
  6. See video they capture with their mobile device camera.
  7. Send target phone TrackerSpy SMS command to activate microphone & audio spy.

TrackerSpy Download Includes

What sets TrackerSpy apart from other mobile spy programs is the sheer volume of material you get with the purchase of TrackerSpy.

  1. Tracker software for Android.
  2. Tracker software for Blackberry.
  3. Tracker software for Iphone.
  4. Remote tracker. (if you can't get a hold of the target phone to install spy app).

The first three apps must be installed directly to the phone you wish to monitor and has all the seven spy features listed above. The fourth one is a computer software program which does not need to be installed to the target phone but only provides the first three spy features listed above. This is because the remote tracking application establishes and indirect Bluetooth connection with the target phone while the first three are installed directly on the mobile device.

Additional bonus apps and software included with download of TrackerSpy include:

  • PC spy software.
  • How to catch cheating spouse manual.
  • Software that provides usernames and passwords to members only web sites.
  • Software to send cell phone text messages from your PC.

TrackerSpy Price

This is another aspect to TrackerSpy which makes it very popular. TrackerSpy is only $49 with no future or recurring costs or fees. This makes this TrackerSpy one of the lowest priced phone monitor software applications in the industry.

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