The ability to spy on a phone is a great tool and price of phone spying software ranges as high as $350. The good news is price of phone spy has NOTHING to do with quality of phone spy and spying on phones can be done for well under $100

Phone spying software can run over $300 for a single year. Although this amazing spy technology is probably worth that price, especially if you suspect a cheating spouse or a trouble son or daughter, the truth of phone spying is there is phone spy software just as good as the the $300+ phone spy software for under $00!

For example Flexispy Lite phone spy, which is their least expensive phone spy, cost $150 for a year yet only gives you four of the most basic phone spy features including...

  1. Spy on a cell phones calls.
  2. Spy on a phones text messages.
  3. Track the cell phones location is real time.
  4. Spy on the cell phones names and number in the cell phones contact list.

Flexispy has an Omni spy plan which costs a whopping $350 for a single year and adds the following three to  four spy features...

  1. Intercept and listen to live on going phone calls.
  2. Activate the phones microphone at any time so you can audio bug the room the cell phone is in.
  3. Spy on emails the phone sends and receives.
  4. Spy on BBM messages (only relevant if their cell phone is Blackberry)

Flexispy omni order information.
Flexispy is a great phone spy tool but at $349 is Flexispy really worth $349?

Now this is a lot of phone spying technology but relative to a spying on phone software program called Spybubble, Flexispy is very expensive. With the Spybubble spying program you get ALL of the following spying features for just $89 with the Spybubble PRO spy plan.

  1. Spy on phone calls.
  2. Spy on phone text messages.
  3. Spy on cell phone emails.
  4. Spy on contacts in cell phone book.
  5. View any photo and video captured by the target phone.
  6. Cell phone location live real time tracking.
  7. Spy on any web sites they visit with their cell phone.
  8. Intercept and listen to live cell phone conversations.
  9. Remotely activate the cell phones microphone for room audio surveillance.
  10. Remotely capture and view photo and video by sending their mobile a Spybubble SMS command.
  11. Monitor and track BBM messages and Whatsapp instant messages.
  12. Forward a copy of their cell phones text messages to your own cell phone in real time.

Now compare all spy on phone features to Flexispy. Based upon the cost of Flexispy being $349 for its eight phone spying features can you take a guess what Spybubble costs for a year with all twelve of its spy features? Not to bash Flexispy because Flexispy is an outstanding quality spy product hands down but Spybubble PRO with all of those twelve spy features is a mere STEAL at just $49 for a year of spying.  In addition Flexispy offers a 10 day money back return while Spybubbles money back policy is 30 days.

How to Get Spybubble PRO for Spying on Cell Phones

Some people get confused, when visiting the Spybubble site, how to order the PRO version of Spybubble since there is no "order spybubble pro" link on their site.. When you click the order Spybubble link on their web site - the PRO version of Spybubble is an upgrade option available during the order process. Another option you may wish to consider is the priority customer support for an extra $10 which will put you at the very front of the line with any questions you have about Spybubble.

Spybubble upgrade to PRO spy version.
when on the order page for spybubble select the Upgrade to PRO option to get ALL their spy features

Spybubble Web Site

Personally I am all for spending more money if you are getting more for your money but I would rather spend a lot less and get more for my money - wouldn't you? When it comes to spying on phones it is a real no brainer. There are several additional phone spy programs besides Spybubble and Flexispy and they run in price between Spybubble and Flexispy but they all have less spy features than Spybubble.

If you are more curious and intrigued by Spybubble at this point here are some spy phone links you might want to check out.

If you bother to spend some time browsing the internet for programs meant for spying on phones you will quickly realize what a great deal Spybubble really is.