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Read this full and complete Spybubble review where all the details of Spybubble mobile spy are revealed. Spybubble is the least expensive spy but is it the best.

Spybubble cell phone spy software box.

There are many cell phone spy software programs out there that I have had the privilege to install to my own cell phone for the purposes of testing this cell phone spy software. Here are the main things I was interested in learning about this phone spy.

These are the features about this mobile spy software I felt would be most important to anyone interested in spying on another persons cell phone.

In short I was most interested in Spybubble for EASY - QUICK - RELIABLE - PRICE - FEATURES - SUPPORT - GUARANTEE.

  1. How EASY is Spybubble to install to a cell phone: most people who want to spy on cell phones are not tech savvy like I am. As I installed Spybubble to my own HTC Evo I put myself, mentally, in the position of the average person following the instructions for installing Spybubble.
  2. How QUICK can Spybubble can be installed to a cell phone: this would probably be very important to most people as well. When spying on another persons mobile phone the person doing the spying knows they are doing something that is sneaky and certainly they don't want to get caught. The longer it takes to install a phone spy to a phone the more likely you are to get caught. How quickly you can install Spybubble smart phone spy to a cell phone is directly related to how easy it is to install.
  3. How RELIABLE is Spybubble: I have seen reports online about certain cell phone spy features don't work as advertised or cause the user a lot of headaches to get working properly. People want to use a cell phone spy to decrease the headaches in the life.
  4. How good is Spybubble PRICE compared to other phone spy: no matter how good a cell phone spy is if it is priced way too high then this fact alone can totally degrade the quality of the product. After all - we all want good but we also want a good price or we will feel ripped off.
  5. How many spy FEATURES does Spybubble have: a great phone spy at a great price is wonderful but not so if the phone spy only lets you spy on a couple of things. There are so many ways people can communicate with a cell phone today a phone spy that can capture ALL of a cell phones activities and communications is critical. When spying on a persons cell phone you are looking to find the truth and as such it is important to not miss a thing.
  6. How fast and efficient is Spybubble customer SUPPORT: lets face it. There are a lot of stupid people online and I know from experience the Spybubble customer support team gets a lot of bonehead questions about Spybubble. None-the-less a paying customer deserves the respect and attention a paying customer deserves. Is Spybubble support team as good at helping you if you run in to trouble as they are at taking your money?
  7. Is Spybubble GUARANTEE of satisfaction honored if the user is not happy: if for any reason you are not happy with this cell phone bugging software how much of a pain in the ass is Spybubble customer service when it comes to getting a refund?

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When I installed Spybubble to my own HTC Evo the process was much much easier than I ever imagined. The basic skills or knowledge required to install Spybubble to a phone is

  1. knowing how to launch a cell phones web browser.
  2. how to navigate to a web address with the cell phones web browser.

If you know how to do both of these things then Spybubble will install to the cell phone in under two minutes at most. If you don't know how to do these two things then I would suggest borrowing someone's cell phone and practice. The best advice I can give is use the same type of cell phone (or even the same exact cell phone) to practice on. You can search Google for "how to launch PHONE TYPE web browser" ie how to launch HTC Evo web browser to find instructions. It is very easy and the cell phones web browser or internet browser is never more than two finger taps away no matter which cell phone you are going to install Spybubble to.

Bottom line - compared to other cell phone spy software Spybubble is an absolute breeze and very easy to install. Not that most other cell phone spy are difficult to install it is just that Spybubble could not be any easier. Being able to use Spybubble ABSOLUTELY requires you can physically get your hands on the other persons cell phone. If this is not possible then read how to install cell phone spy remotely.

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As previously noted how quickly a cell phone spy can be installed is directly tied to how easy it is to install. I was personally able to do the complete Spybubble install from start to finish (the final step of the install being restarting the cell phone) in two minutes time.

  • 15 seconds to launch the browser,
  • 25 seconds to type in the url or web address of the actual Spybubble smart phone spy app,
  • 60 seconds for it to download which included entering in the Spybubble serial key,
  • and about 45 seconds for the phone to fully restart.

Within about 15 minutes of completing the install the activities and communications on my cell phone started appearing in my Spybubble members area.

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Anything that I did in terms of communications and activities was appropriately and accurately reported to my Spybubble members area. The lag time of the reporting is about 15 minutes. The one bad point I did not like about Spybubble was the GPS location tracking reported only once per hour and at the time I tested Spybubble this was not configurable. This may have changed since then. If the GPS tracking feature of Spybubble is especially important to you you may wish to look into a different phone spy that is more configurable in this area. Phone spy software that allows you to fine tune the GPS tracking include PhoneBeagle and MobileSpy. MobileSpy also has a free 7 day phone spy trial so you can test drive it first. Everything else with Spybubble worked fine.

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When compared to ANY other cell phone spy there is no phone spy less expensive than Spybubble. In fact the only other cell phone spy that even came close to Spybubble in price was PhoneBeagle which is also $49 for a year. Spybubble has two phone spy plans. The Spybubble BASIC spy plan costs $49 for a year. They Spybubble PRO spy plan is $89 for a year of spying. The spy features included with both of these spy plans is detailed below.

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This is another area that Spybubble absolutely shines like the brightest star. Spybubble has two spy plans.

  1. Spybubble Basic - $49 for a year of spying. Includes spying on all incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages, emails, location tracking of their cell phone, see names and numbers stored in phones contact list, spy on photos they capture with their cell phone camera, spy on web sites visited with their cell phones web browser. This is a lot of phone spy features for a mere $49. For the sake of comparison at the other end of the spectrum Flexispy costs $149 for a year and has less spy features than this.
  2. Spybubbble Pro - $89 for a year of spying. Includes all of the spy features of Spybubble Basic Plus live phone call intercept and spy, record of intercepted phone calls, remotely activate cell phones microphone for audio environment spying, record of environment spying, forward a copy of their text messages to your cell phone, remotely control target phone, send a SMS command to make their cell phone capture photo and view these photos in your Spybubble members area, send SMS command to remotely activate their cell phone camera to capture video and view these video in your Spybubble members area, WhatsApp instant message spying, BBM instant message spying. For comparison the most advanced spy plan for Flexispy is Flexispy OMNI which has less spy features than this and costs $349 for one year.

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This is one area I have a bone to pick when it comes to almost all cell phone spy software out there. Most all phone spy have email support and submit a ticket which are virtually identical in terms of how fast your issue or question is dealt with. Not that there is anything wrong with this type of support but I personally find it a little frustrating that I have to wait until the next day to get an email response from the support team of Spybubble or almost any other phone spy for that matter. If the customer support response does not give me the answer I am looking for then I have to go through the same support process once again. These phone spy vendors seriously need to upgrade their customer support to, ideally, 24 hour live telephone support (and not from a guy that can barely speak English) or at least to support from 9am to 5pm. If email support is totally unacceptable to you then there are a few phone spy that do have a live operator to assist you and these phone spy include Flexispy and MobileSpy. Spybubble support indicates they expect to add live operator assistance to their customer support very soon.

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This is one additional area Spybubble gets an A+. You can expected money to be credited back to your credit card in about 48 hours after submitting your request for a money back refund. Keep in mind if you use Spybubble for several weeks and then attempt to get your money back without a legit and valid reason chances are you won't be able to. Spybubble does not give refunds just because you are trying to get a phone spy for free for a couple of weeks. Spybubble is in business to make money and although Spybubble does have a 60 day money back guarantee they are pretty good at sniffing out people trying to take advantage and request a refund just for a free phone spy ride.

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