Spy Husbands Blackberry

Does your husband have a Blackberry cell phone and you're concerned he may be up to no good talking with someone he shouldn't with his Blackberry? Here is how to spy on your husband's Blackberry quickly and inexpensively!

If you suspect your husband may be cheating on you it's almost guaranteed he's using his Blackberry to some extent to communicate with his illicit lover. He is most definitely going to be using text messaging as a means of communicating with her but maybe using his Blackberry for phone calls as well.

The good news is spying on your husband's Blackberry cell phone is neither complicated nor expensive and there are a lot of cell phone spy for BlackBerry options available to you.

Remote Blackberry Cell Phone Spying

Remote phone spy software is a computer program that can be installed to any desktop or laptop PC. While this is an option for spying on your husband's BlackBerry is not the best option and should only be used if for some reason you cannot perform non-remote BlackBerry cell phone spying (see below). This is because remote cell phone spying does not have as many spy features as non-remote BlackBerry spying. Here is a list of remote Blackberry cell phone spy software you can use to spy on your husband's BlackBerry.

EasySpy Cell Tracker: very inexpensive. $49. No monthly or recurring charges. Easy spy cell tracker is a computer program. To spy and your husband's BlackBerry you launch easy spy cell tracker. Click the file menu item. Enter in your husband's Blackberry cell phone number. Press the start button. Wait several minutes for the cell tracker program to establish a Bluetooth connection with your husband's BlackBerry. Once this has successfully been accomplished - as text messages, phone calls, and e-mails are sent and received via your husband's BlackBerry you will be able to see details of this in the cell trackers window. To stop monitoring his Blackberry close the program.

NON Remote Blackberry Cell Phone Spying

A non-remote Blackberry cell phone spy is a two-part program. The spy application, which is a smart phone app, gets installed to your husband's BlackBerry. This is done using the BlackBerry's built-in web browser which means...

  • You must be able to get a hold of your husband's BlackBerry one time for about 5 min. to download the BlackBerry spy app to it.

  • Your husband BlackBerry can't have a password on it (unless you know his password) because you won't be able to get to his web browser to download the spy app to occasion.

These two requirements are the reason many wives being cheated on by their husbands opt for remote Blackberry cell phone spy. Although non-remote Blackberry cell phone spy software is a little more complicated to get set up the spy features available to you are much greater and the spy software is much more reliable. Don't be concerned if you are not "tech savvy". All of the Blackberry phone spy programs listed below have explicit step by step picture and video instructions of how to do it. After all - how many cheating wives do you think are Blackberry cell phone experts?

The second part of the non-remote Blackberry cell phone spy is your BlackBerry spy members area which is a web site you log into using the username and password provided by the Blackberry cell phone spy program you choose. It is this members area where you view all the spy details of your husbands Blackberry cell phone activities. It is this members area where you will be able to see all of your husbands...

  • Blackberry phone calls.

  • Blackberry text messages.

  • His physical location at all times

  • Emails sent and received by his Blackberry.

  • Web sites visited by your husbands Blackberry web browser.

Here is a list of the very best and least expensive non remote spy software you can use to monitor your husband's Blackberry phone.

EasySpy Cell Tracker: Cell tracker has both a remote spy and non remote spy for Blackberry spying for $49. The only Blackberry spy app with no monthly or recurring fees. Moneyback guaranteed.

Spybubble: $49 for Spybubble Basic. $89 for Spybubble Pro for one year. Very good BlackBerry cell phone spy. Lots of spy features. Moneyback guaranteed. Customer support included.

Phonebeagle: $10 per month. $19 for three months. $49 for one year. Excellent customer support. Not anywhere near as many spy details as Spybubble but still a good Blackberry phone spy program. Top-notch customer support and help. Moneyback guaranteed.

Mobilespy: $49 for three months of Blackberry spying. Toll-free one 800 customer support instead of just e-mail support for the personal touch. Outstanding member of the Better Business Bureau. An excellent spy product for BlackBerry spying. Moneyback guaranteed.

Mobistealth: Mobistealth has Different Blackberry spy plans at different prices. BlackBerry spying starting at $49. Moneyback guaranteed.

Stealthgenie: BlackBerry spy plan starting at $59. Live customer support chat instead of just e-mail. Lots of Blackberry spying features. Moneyback guaranteed.

This list of non-remote Blackberry spy software  doesn't cover every single Blackberry cell phone spy but any of the ones in the list above are much more expensive and not any better.