How to Spy on Cell Phone from PC

Once you have purchased a cell phone spy you log in to your spy members area from any computer pc to see all their cell phone calls, text messages, gps location, everything!

In reality, the only way you can spy on a cell phone this from a computer. There are two different types of cell phone spy you can use.

There is remote cell phone spy.

Remote cell phone spy is actually a computer software program. It costs $49. Once the remote cell phone spy has that been set up and installed to your computer you simply double-click to run the phone spy program. In the remote phone spies main window you enter the phone number you wish to begin spying on. You click the remote phone spy start button. The pc based cell phone spy takes 2 to 5 minutes to establish a bluetooth connection with the phone you want to spy on.

it's really that simple. The biggest downside to a remote cell phone spy in which everything is done from the computer, including the setup, is a limited number of spy features. With the remote phone spy done 100% from your computer. You will be able to see information about the target cell phones phone calls, text messages, and e-mails sent and received.

remote phone spy everything including setup is done on the computer

remote phone spy is setup AND monitored from computer.

NON Remote Phone Spy

Non remote cell phone spy software, while all the spy details are still viewed from your computer the setup of the spy software is a bit different and a bit more complicated. The biggest benefit to this type of cell phone spy, although a little more complicated to set up, has more spy features available to you. With this type of cell phone spy. Not only can you spy on the cell phones calls, text messages, e-mails sent and received, but you can also see the exact physical location of the cell phone at all times via GPS tracking, view photographs and video capture with the target cell phone, and if you're willing to spend a few dollars more for the non-remote cell phone spy Pro spy plan you can intercept and listening to live conversations and even turn their cell phone into an audio room spy bugging device by simply sending their cell phone. A special SMS command.

This type of cell phone spy does not get installed to a computer, but must be installed directly to the cell phone you want to spy on. This can be a big difficulty for some people which is why some people opt for remote cell phone spy where everything including the setup is done from a computer. Installing the spy application to their cell phone is not difficult. When you purchase the non-remote cell phone spy you will be given the web address of the smart phone spy application. You use their cell phones built-in web browser to navigate to the address of this spy application. Their cell phone will recognize the file as a smart phone application and begin downloading and self installing it. The entire process does not take long. About 5 minutes.

Aside from this initial setup process everything else from here on out is done from your computer. The difference is instead of viewing the spy details from a software program you log on to the cell phone spy members area. This is nothing more than a website specifically designed for customers of the non-remote cell phone spy. In your members area you will be able to view all the details of the target cell phone in amazingly incredible detail.

The different cell phone items you can spy on our separated into neatly organized tabs. You click on the appropriate tab to view that spy information on that cell phone. All of this is done from the convenience of any computer.

non remote phone spy members area viewed from pc

non remote spy setup on target phone and viewed from computer.

As you can see all actual cell phone spying is done from a PC. The only difference between the two different cell phone spy, remote cell phone spy and non remote cell phone spy, is the setup process. The setup process of the remote cell phone spy is done from your computer. The viewing of the spy details of the target cell phone is done from your computer. With non remote cell phone spy, the setup process has to be done directly on the phone you want to spy on. But like the remote cell phone spy the viewing of the spy details of the target phone is done from your computer.