SmartPhone Parental Control Software for Kids Cell Phones

If you have a son or daughter with a cell phone smart phone parental control software lets you completely monitor and control your kids cell phone easily.

Phone Sheriff kids cell tracker software.

PhoneSheriff is the most powerful and most versatile smart phone software to both monitor and control your kids cell phone. PhoneSheriff is much more than just a regular phone spy or phone tracking program because PhoneSheriff is specifically designed with parental control of their kids smart phone in mind.

Parents worry, for good reason, about all of the information at web sites that is easily within reach of their teens or children. All cell phones have a built in web browser and internet connectivity. Think of all the different web sites your kids of any age can visit without your knowledge.

Porn sites for example. Many places kids can visit online can breach kids privacy. In addition teens and children most often have no clue what serious future consequences online content they place like photos of themselves. An episode of Dr. Phil featured employers of top companies indicating they do check online profiles and online content of their applicants and derogatory content like nude photos or photos of your teen or child partying can negatively affect their employability.

Luckily there is technology at YOUR fingertips that makes it easy for you to implement smartphone parental control software for your teen or child cell phone. PhoneSheriff is a mobile monitoring software program that is specifically designed for monitoring a teen or child cell phone.


With PhoneSheriff you can not only see and monitoring everything you kids are doing with their cell phone such as...

  • all your kids phone calls.
  • all the text messages your kids send and receive.
  • emails sent and received.
  • web sites they visit

you can also CONTROL what your kids do with their cell phone with built in parental controls. For example once PhoneSheriff has been surreptitiously installed to your kids cell phone you can...

  • block phone numbers from text messages and calls.
  • lock their cell phone at times you specify - such as when your kids are suppose to be in school.
  • block web sites or specific TYPES of web sites.

Finally PhoneSheriff allows you to...

  • keep track of your teen or child exact physical location at any time you wish. You can see exactly where they are now and where they have been during the day.


PhoneSheriff is made by the most reliable, most professional, most trusted online vendor in mobile tracking software - Retina X Studios.

  • Retina X Studios has been making tracking and monitoring software since 2000.
  • Retina X Studios is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.
  • Retina X Studios has a toll free telephone number for technical support.

If you want to monitor, track and control your kids cell phone usage to keep them safe there really is no better solution than PhoneSheriff for tracking your kids smart phone. They have an online demo so you can get a first hand feel at what PhoneSheriff has to offer to see if PhoneSheriff will meet your parental smart phone monitoring needs and wants.