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Remote phone spy and remote phone spy software has been accused of being a scam more than its fair share of times but in reality its not remote phone spying that is the scam. The problem is low quality copycat remote phone spy software that was originally designed and produced a long time ago and only works on very old cell phones. There are really great remote phone spy apps however and I will show you a simple, fast, and neat trick to easily be able to tell and know if the remote phone spy you are considering is legit or a remote phone spy scam.

Easy Way to Tell if Remote Cell Phone Spy is a Scam

Here are a couple of really effective tricks to not only tell if a mobile spy is a scam but to be able to tell if any product online is a scam.

  • Is there a specific money back guarantee policy?
  • How about technical support?
  • Does the remote phone spy web site claim you can listen to live cell phone conversations with their remote cell phone spy?

Those are the three big tell tale signs. If any product online, including a phone spy, does not have at least a money back guarantee specifically stated then chances are, legally speaking, they are under no obligation to return or refund your cell spy money.

Biggest Cell Phone Spy Scam Today

The biggest remote phone spy scam is this one company that sells an old and bogus remote phone spy you can get for free. They package the remote phone spy in a zip file with the same files, namely, blooover.tar and blooover.jar. You can get this crap free here.

This company keeps making many different web sites giving their remote phone spy many different names to trick the public into thinking it is different software so they can keep selling the same junk under different names. These names include:

  • cell control.
  • cell tracker (not to be confused with EasySpy cell tracker)
  • cell snoop.
  • cell spy now.
  • clubmz
  • club009
  • cell spy pro

Images Of A SCAM Cell Phone Spy

This company re uses many of the same graphics on their different web sites. Basically if you see a web site selling a remote phone spy that...

  • says you can intercept live conversations. (can't be done with a remote phone spy)
  • has any of the images below.

run like hell!!

Scam Remote Phone Spy Images

Scam phone spy graphic displaying scam phone spy features.

Scam phone spy cell phone screen images.

Bad Method for Detecting Remote Phone Spy Scam

One method people try to use to tell if a cell phone spy is a scam is look online for 'product name' +scam, i.e., 'cell control scam' or 'big daddy spy scam'. This is totally unreliable method for finding out if a cell spy is a scam. Why? Do you think the exercise company Bowflex is a scam? Do a search on Google right now for 'Bowflex scam'. Guess what - you will find tons of pages and people accusing them of being a scam. For some reason when it comes to purchasing products or software online, particularly when it comes to mobile phone spy, it is the people who tend to be hot headed, short fused, with little patience who tend to be the ones to post things online about a product being a scam. (Would you believe there are people online who report McDonalds' as being a scam??).

Sneaky SCAM Marketing Trick

In addition one weird and somewhat deceitful marketing method cell phone spy affiliates are using today to try to get peoples attention so their google search result gets clicked on is they will insert the word SCAM into whatever they are trying to sell. For example Here is a Google search listing for a very legit phone spy called Spybubble.

Fake scam listing on Google for Spybubble phone spy.

The idea is by creating a listing like this people interested in buying Spybubble phone spy will suddenly become leery when they see this listing and will want to click on it both out of curiosity and the built in desire to avoid being ripped off. If you click the listing the web page will quickly point out that Spybubble is not a scam bla bla bla but since you are now on their web site there is a good chance you will click to buy Spybubble from their web site so they make an affiliate commission. Pretty sneaky and it works.