Remote Phone Spy Basics

Before you decide to REMOTE phone spy you should know there is LOCAL cell phone spying methods as well. You should know the difference between remote phone spying and local phone spying. Spying on cell phone with remote spy methods is performed in a different manner. For one with remote phone spy the spy app goes on YOUR cell phone and not the phone you want to spy on. There are many advantages of remote phone spy over local mobile phone monitoring. This is why remote cell phone spying is quickly becoming increasingly popular to monitor and track someone.

Why non remote phone spy is bad. The Downside to Local (non remote) Cell Phone Spy:

  • Must be installed to the phone you wish to spy on. This means you need to get a hold of the target cell phone for about five or 10 min. to install the spy program to it.
  • Must be compatible with the target cell phones hardware and operating system. What this means is to spy on a cell phone with local cell phone spy the target cell phone must be no more than a few years old and have a fairly new smart phone operating system like Android, Windows mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry, IPhone. There is no way to spy on older cell phones and/or cell phones that are pre paid, contract free cell phones.
  • With the exception of spy bubble phone spy, can only be used to spy on one cell phone. If for some reason you need to change the cell phone you are spying on you must once again get access to that cell phone to install the spy program to it.
  • There are monthly, quarterly, or yearly membership fees. The cell phone spy program installed to the target phone sends spy details to a members area website. In order to view this information you need to login which requires you being a member which requires you paying these recurring fees.

Why non remote phone spy is good. The Upside to Local (non remote) Cell Phone Spy:

  • Technical support for a non-remote cell phone spy is generally better. The reason for this is a non-remote cell phone spy program like Mobistealth, Flexispy, or Mobilespy, as recurring membership fees so it is more important for the cell phone spy websites to keep you a happy customer.

Why remote phone spy is bad. The Downside to Remote Phone Spy Software:

  • The remote cell phone spyware industry is fraught with scams. Unfortunately this has given remote cell phone spy a bad name overall. Most remote phone spy programs are a scam. In fact the only remote phone spy produced by a legit company is made by Highster mobile called EasySpy. What is great about EasySpy is it is so cheap ($49) AND it comes with four phone spy apps...
    • a remote phone spy.
    • a non remote phone spy for Android.
    • a non remote phone spy for Iphone.
    • a non remote phone spy for Blackberry.

    What is great about that is maybe right now you want to spy on a phone you can't access so you only need the remote phone spy right now. But maybe in the future you need to spy on an Android or Blackberry or Iphone that you can get a hold of to install the spy app to. When you buy EasySpy you get all four so download all four. You can use the ones you need in the future without paying for phone spy ever again.

Why remote phone spy is good. The Upside to Remote Cell Spy:

  • No recurring fees whatsoever. Unlike non-remote cell phone spy software you never have to pay membership fees because spy details of the phone you are monitoring get displayed on the screen of your cell phone. You pay one time for the remote spy software. So in essence you never actually own conventional, non-remote, cell phone spy, you just rent it.
  • You never have to access the phone you want to spy on to install the spy to it. Remote cell phone monitoring software gets installed to your phone. This minimizes or completely eliminates any risk of getting caught.
  • Can spy on multiple cell phones. Although remote install cell phone spy can only spy on one phone at a time changing phones you are spying on is very easy. To stop spying on a phone you select the appropriate menu item to terminate call monitoring. To start spying on another phone you select the appropriate menu item to initiate call monitoring.