Remote Installation of Cell Phone Spy Software

Remote installation of cell phone spy software is an often misunderstood subject. In situations where you can't get a hold of the cell phone you want to spy on you have to use a remote phone spy.

Therefore, the installation of remote phone spy is performed locally. Remote phone spy like EasySpy Cell Tracker is actually a computer software program that gets installed to your computer. In fact, here are the exact step-by-step instructions on how to perform remote installation of the cell phone spy software.

Once the software has been installed to your computer, desktop or laptop, you launch the program. You then enter the phone number of the cell phone you wish to spy on. As per the installation and use instructions of EasySpy Cell Tracker the program will then perform a Bluetooth scan. As long as the other person cell phone has Bluetooth capabilities (almost all cell phones do) in 2 to 5 minutes time the cell phone spy software will successfully establish a Bluetooth connection with the target mobile device. Once this has occurred, when the target cell phone...

  • makes or receives phone calls,

  • sends or receives text messages (SMS),

  • sends or receives e-mails from their cell phone,

...within a minute or less after they occur, you will see information about them in the program's main window.

If you have ever installed any sort of software program to a computer, then you will find the installation of EasySpy Cell Tracker a snap. If for any reason you run into any difficulties installing and using EasySpy Cell Tracker there are explicit, step-by-step instructions, both written and in video format. There is also a customer support to assist you in the remote installation of their cell phone spy software.

easyspy cell tracker main program window use instructions

installation and use of easyspy cell tracker remote phone spy.