Remote Cell Phone Spyware Install

Learn how to install remote cell phone spyware to spy on another cell phone without having to install anything to their cell phone.

Remote Cell Phone Spyware Install.

When it comes to using remote cell phone spyware to spy on another cell phone the spyware actually gets installed to your own device, either your own cell phone or your own computer, depending upon which remote cell phone spyware you're going to use. Remote cell phone spyware is a little different than local cell phone spyware. To spy on another cell phone remotely you first install the remote spyware to your own device (cell phone or computer). You then must establish a Bluetooth connection with the cell phone you want to spy on. It is through this Bluetooth connection that information about their phone calls, text messages, and e-mails is remotely ghosted or copied to your locally installed spyware.

Two different types of remote cell phone spyware and this is how the install process occurs with both.

  • Blooover - Blooover is remote cell phone spy software code written in Java. The code is generally packaged in files named Blooover.jar and Blooover.tar. Blooover has been given a bad reputation and has been labeled as a scam which isn't exactly true. It is just that Blooover was written a long time ago before the year 2000 and was actually only written for specific old models of Nokia and Sony Ericsson cell phone. Blooover has been irresponsibly packaged and sold via many different websites all owned by the same entity under the names Cell Control, CellSnoop, ClubMZ, CellSpyNow, Club009 to name just a few. To even further create the illusion that these different websites are different products (when in reality they are all the Java-based Blooover files) these web sites sell the same product at different prices. The good news is this remote cell phone spyware, which is supposed to be installed to your own cell phone, is 100% free. The bad news if you're cell phone weighs less than 10 pounds and was purchased any time after the year 2003 it's a good bet attempting to install this remote cell phone spyware to your cell phone is going to be a complete waste of time and energy. It's not that Blooover is a scam it's just that it's really really old and no longer works. If you get this program to successfully install and run on your cell phone it will just crash as soon as it loads.
  • EasySpy Cell Tracker - This is a more modern version of remote cell phone spyware. Cell tracker is a computer program. Its main component is a Bluetooth scanner module. Once installed you launch cell tracker, entering the phone number of the cell phone you wish to remotely spy on, and begin the Bluetooth scan. Within a few minutes after the Bluetooth connection has been established you leave the program open so that as phone calls, text messages, and e-mails leave and enter the target cell phone you have the Bluetooth connection with you will see this information live in the program window. EasySpy Cell Tracker costs $49 with no recurring or future charges. EasySpy Cell Tracker comes with a satisfaction money back guarantee. Here is the EasySpy Cell Tracker remote mobile spyphone software users manual.

The main benefit to remote cell phone spyware install is you don't have to access the target cell phone to install anything because the installed the spyware is local. Oddly enough it's given the name remote cell phone spyware even though this install is actually local.