Remote Cell Phone Spy NON Smartphone

With remote cell phone spy it does NOT matter in the least if the target cell phone is a smartphone or non smartphone because nothing gets installed to their cell phone.

remote cell phone spy on non smart phone.

Remote cell phone spying can be done on almost any cell phone simply because nothing is installed directly to the cell phone you're going to spy on. You see a non-remote cell phone spy is a software application very similar to a software program you install to a computer. In order for the cell phone to be able to read the software code and access and use the instructions in the software code of the cell phone spy - the cell phone has to have the operating system that can read these instructions. A smart phone is called a smart phone because it's smart enough to do this.

However, a remote phone spy operates independently of the target cell phone and is not directly connected or linked to the target phone code wise or in any way. This is independence and power for the cell phone spier. Although the cell phone you want to spy on does not have to be a smartphone the one absolute requirement of the target cell phone however, is it must be Bluetooth enabled.  Almost all cell phones today are so this is somewhat of a moot point but if you want to be 100% sure. Here's what you do:

  1. Find out the make and model of the cell phone you wish to spy on.  Even non-smart phones have a make and model. An example of a non-smart phone make and model is LG esteem or LG connect. (both MetroPCS phones).
  2. Visit GSM arena website. This website has specifications on almost every cell phone in existence.
  3. In the search box in the upper right hand corner of the page enter the make and model of the target cell phone. You will be taken to a page that shows every single specification of that cell phone including if it has Bluetooth.

Below is an image of what this page looks like. If their cell phone does have Bluetooth then you are in luck! Almost all phones, smartphone or otherwise, are Bluetooth compatible.

non smart phone specs as gsm arena web site.

If you want to use a remote cell phone spy on a non-smart phone you want to use EasySpy Cell Tracker. Here are some basic instructions on how to remote cell phone spy on a non-smart phone using EasySpy Cell Tracker. More explicit instructions along with a step-by-step video are provided after you purchase cell tracker ($49).

For spying on smart phones you have a lot more choices in terms of spy software available. For remote phone spying on a non-smart phone, your choices are extremely limited but fortunately you do have a choice.