Remote Cell Phone Listening and Eavesdropping

Remote cell phone listening and eavesdropping is an amazing feature of remote cell phone spy that is probably the most powerful phone spy feature there is.

Remote cell phone listening not only notifies you via text message or email when the target phone makes or receives a phone call but also lets you silently become included in the ongoing conversation with neither of the persons knowing you are listening in.

There are many scam remote phone spy claiming to have this incredible feature but the reality is this one spy feature is just NOT possible using a remote phone spy software. This is a very powerful and very complicated spy feature that involves some intense smart phone spy software programming and as far as current technology is concerned there is just no way to do this other than with software that is installed directly to the phone to be spied on.

Here is a list of NON remote phone spy programs that allow you to intercept ongoing cell phone conversations:

The list is so short because live cell phone conversation spying is a fairly new phone spy feature. Actually cell phone spying is a new technology because cell phones themselves are fairly new.

If you come across a web page claiming you can intercept and listen to live cell phone conversations without having to installing any spy software to the target phone then you are most likely looking at a scam phone spy web site. As of 2013 this is just not in the cards yet for remote phone spy software.

How Cell Phone Call Interception Works

The way this feature works is you specify a source phone in your members area. This is your cell phone number. When the target cell phone (the one with spybubble pro or flexispy omni installed to it - the phone you are spying on) makes or receives a phone call you will get notified either by email or text message to your source phone.

Which type of notification you get you also configure in your members area. You then call the target phone using the source phone. The spy app on the target phone recognizes the source phone number. The spy app prevents the target phone from ringing and instead silently patches you into the ongoing mobile conversation. Assuming you have muted your phone they will not hear you listening in. These live conversation spying sessions can be recorded for later listening as well.

Since many times the person doing the spying wants to be able to call the target phone to engage in normal cell phone conversations many times the person doing the spying will get a second cell phone that serves merely as the source cell phone. This way they can call the target phone from their main cell phone to talk with the person normally but use the secondary cell phone strictly for the purpose of live call intercepting.