Remote Cell Phone Eavesdropping

Remote cell phone eavesdropping is a very advanced and powerful cell phone spy and monitoring feature that allows you to listen in to what is going on around a cell phone and actually, silently, intercept and listen in on cell phone calls.

Fly on wall listening in.

If you want to play James Bond remote cell phone  eavesdropping certainly gives you the opportunity in a big way. On a more realistic level remote cell phone eavesdropping allows you to do two things:

  1. listen in to what is going on around the cell phone, a feature appropriately named environment listening.
  2. Listen in to actual ongoing cell phone conversations, a feature called live call intercept.

These two remote cell phone eavesdropping features are features are part of more advanced cell phone monitoring and cell phone spy software.

Who is interested in remote cell phone eavesdropping?

By far the most common user of cell phone eavesdropping techniques are

  • people in relationships concerned their spouse or significant other is committing and fidelity.
  • concerned parents wanting to keep track of what their son or daughter is doing in their life.

The advantages of remote cell phone eavesdropping is you get to be a fly on the wall and spy on another person in the biggest way possible.

How these two remote cell phone eavesdropping features work.

A special smart phone application must be installed to the cell phone you wish to eavesdrop on. These eavesdropping smart phone apps are not particularly expensive. Eavesdropping smart phone applications can be purchased inexpensively from businesses online who sell such products.

You sign up to be a customer and a member. Once you have signed up you are provided a special web address which is the web address of the eavesdropping smart phone application. You use the web browser on the person cell phone to download this application which only takes a few minutes. This application runs hidden in the background of the cell phone processes in a stealthy and undetectable manner. Many people ask "what if the person shuts off their cell phone?" These eavesdropping applications are specifically designed to run in the background whenever the phone runs so the next time the phone is restarted the program runs along with the phone.

Once the application has been installed to the smart phone here is the way these two eavesdropping spy features work.

  • Environment listening: send the target telephone a specific proprietary SMS command. This activates the cell phones microphone turning it on. Within a few seconds you will begin hearing sounds and conversations going on around the cell phone. The effect is the same as if you were in a conversation with the person and may put the cell phone down. You'd be able to hear everything going on around affectively allowing you to engage in environment eavesdropping.
  • Live call intercept: you get notified the via a text message or in e-mail that the person has just engaged in a cell phone conversation either because they initiated or received a phone call. You then dial the target phone. The remote cell phone eavesdropping application on their cell phone recognizes your phone number and the fact that there is an ongoing cell phone conversation. Their cell phone doesn't ring but instead automatically activates you as a third party in the conversation. (It is advisable to mute your cell phone's mouth piece otherwise they may be able to hear you and know you are listening and).

If you're looking to find out the truth about a potential cheating spouse or you want really know what your kids are up to there's no quicker or better way to do it then remote cell phone eavesdropping.