mSpy Cell Phone Tracking mSpy Review

mSpy is a cell phone spy software you can use to monitor the cell phones of employees, your kids or a spouse you think may be committing infidelity.

mSpy Review.

Brad is an mSpy customer and has been using mSpy for a couple of months now. Although most people wanting to track another cell phone are people who think someone may be cheating in a relationship or a parent who wants to track a kids cell phone activities Brad was a business owner who wanted to try mSpy. It was important for Brad to be able to hear his employees both in and out of the conference room.

Using mSpy Brad quickly was able to keep up with his employees progress but Brad also learned one of his most trusted employees was stealing thousands of dollars every single month! This information was discovered because Brad had installed mSpy on the cooperate cell phones of all his top employees. With mSpy Brad was able to monitor all the calls and conversations of his untrustworthy employee.

Because of the success Brad had with mSpy with his business Brad decided to use mSpy at home. Brad suspected his son was using drugs. Brad wanted to monitor the text messages Brads son was sending and receiving with his friends. Brad found that in one text message his son straight up communicated with his friend that he was high as a kite and wanted to score some more drugs. The end result of this mSpy discovery was Brad was able to get his son help. His son eventually stopped using drugs. Brad credits mSpy with saving his sons future and perhaps his life.

The way mSpy works is very simple. Once mSpy is installed to a cell phone all of that cell phones activities are silently and invisibly monitored. At any time you can log in to your mSpy private online account and see all of that cell phones activities including phone calls and text messages that cell phone sends and recieves.

One of Brads employees also used mSpy because the employee suspected his wife was cheating on him. This employee was able to catch his wife infidelity cold. Brad also used mSpy for the same purpose. Sometimes Brad would go away for weeks on business. Although Brad had no specific reason to mistrust his wife or suspect infidelity he still wanted to use mSpy because he feared his long stays away from home may have been compromising the strength of his marriage. Brad asked his wife directly if she was having an affair. Brads wife said no and that Brad was welcome to hire a private investigator to find out for himself. Private investigators cost a small fortune so Brad, once again, turned to mSpy to find out the truth. mSpy only costs $18 per month.

After a few months of using mSpy Brad learned he was just being paranoid and his wife was in fact as faithful as she could possibly be. A few weeks later Brad was not able to get a hold of his wife on the phone. To further investigate Brad logged on to his mSpy members area. Brad learned via the GPS tracking feature of mSpy that his wife had been stopped, in her car, for some time on a backwoods county road. Brad notified the local police. Brad was able to provide them with her exact geographical location which is also a part of the mSpy GPS tracking feature. The police arrived and had found Brads wife was in a car accident and her cell phone was out of service so she was not able to call anyone and there were no houses nearby. Basically she was stranded in her damaged vehicle.

Bottom line - because of mSpy Brad, his wife, and his business are much more secure and safe because of mSpy cell phone tracking and monitoring features for just $18 per month.


Note: although once installed all of mSpy spy features can be viewed remotely without access the phone you wish to spy on mSpy must be initially directly installed to the target phone. This does require access to that phone, directly, one time. mSpy is, technically, not a remote cell phone spy.