Monitoring your Child's Cell Phone

If you have a child or teen with a cell phone monitoring their cell phone is a good idea to keep your kids out of trouble.

Teen girl with cell phone.

Recent statistics indicate close to 80% of teenagers have a cell phone and use it regularly. This number is destined to rise in the near future. A cell phone in the lives of teens and kids adds extra burdens to parents when it comes to keeping track of their kids and keeping their kids safe.

One of the most common dangers a cell phone present a young man or women is a phenomena referred to as sexting. Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs between mobile phones. There is also the phenomena referred to as cyber bullying.

As a parent it is completely irresponsible to hand your child or teen a cell phone and let them run wild with it. You have to establish certain rules and monitoring their cell phone with cell phone monitoring software is a must. It is not expensive or difficult.

Here are some good rules to enforce with your kids regarding their cell phone.

  1. Don't let your kids have or use their cell phone when they are suppose to be at school. Your kids are in school to learn and a cell phone during school hours merely represents a negative and unhealthy distraction. There are cell phone monitoring apps that allow you disable their cell phone at certain times and while they are at school is a great time to do this. PhoneSheriff is just such an app.
  2. Install a mobile monitoring program like PhoneSheriff or PhoneBeagle to their cell phone. Not only does this allow you to control their cell phone but also allows you to see EVERYTHING they are doing with their phone. You can view all calls and text messages they send and receive from sunup to sundown.

A cell phone can be a powerfully positive tool in the hands of your child or teen if used properly and responsibly. The cell phone allows you to keep in constant contact with your kids at any time which helps keep your kids safe as well as giving you peace of mind. Today having a cell phone also makes a kid "cool" making it easier to fit in. If your kids are misusing their cell phone there is nothing cool about that.

By all means let your kids have a cell phone. Just make sure their mobile phone usage is handled in a responsible manner by monitoring and controlling your kids cell phone usage. If your child abuses the privilege then it may be time to take their cell phone away from them - at least temporarily.