Mobistealth Cell Phone Spy Overview

If you are thinking about spying on a cell phone with Mobistealth spy read this Mobistealth overview first to see what you are getting into.

There are many many cell phone spy software programs out there. Some are very inexpensive and some are very expensive. Mobistealth is a cell phone spy that is middle of the road price wise and overall a good value because of the reliability of the phone spy, the fact that Mobistealth is 100% total stealth (does not reveal itself on the target phone in any manner), and the range of spy features.

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Mobistealth three spy plans.

One of the strongest points of Mobistealth is you get to choose from three different spy plans which makes Mobistealth more customizable than most other phone spy. This allows you to choose only the spy features you really want or need and not have to pay any more than you need to for Mobistealths phone spy services. The three spy plans available include:

  1. Mobistealth LITE: The least expensive of their spy plans starting at $39 for three months. The most basic spy features are included in this plan and include your being able to spy on the target phones calls, spy on text messages, GPS location tracking, see web sites the target phone visits with its built in web browser as well as see names and numbers stored in the mobile phone book.
  2. Mobistealth PRO: Has all the spy features of the LITE spy plan plus the ability to see all picture (photos) the target phone takes with its built in camera as well as the ability to turn the target phone into an audio surroundings bugging device by sending a Mobistealth SMS command to it. Mobistealth PRO spy plan starts at around $79 for three months.
  3. Mobistealth PROX: Has all the features of the Mobistealth LITE and Mobistealth PRO spy plan plus the ability to view video captured by the target phones built in camera as well as audio recording of phone calls the target phone makes and receives.

Mobistealth will work and can be installed to a wide range of mobile phone devices including all of the most popular Android, Blackberry, Iphone, and Nokia/Symbian mobile phones. Mobistealth is NOT a remote phone spy and must be installed directly to the phone you wish to monitor which is about a five or ten minute job.

Mobistealth business location on Google maps.

If you are looking for the cheapest cell phone spy there are others you may wish to consider such as Spybubble. If you want the most expensive you could consider Spyera or Flexispy. Overall Mobistealth is a good middle of the road phone spy at a reasonable price. Mobistealth comes with a 10 day satisfaction money back guarantee which is a little weak compared to some other phone spy but Mobistealth says they only want to prevent freebie seekers from taking advantage. Mobistealth is also a Better Business Bureau member.

Most Mobisteath reviews shed a very positive light on Mobistealth. I have personally communicated via email with Mobistealth owner Jon Latorella and he seems like a very nice guy for what that is worth. Another strong point to using Mobistealth over other phone spy is in the invisible world of online companies Mobistealth actually has a physical and real business address. Mobistealth headquarters is located at 198 Rantoul Street, Suite 3, Beverly, MA 01915. This fact alone is often enough of a comfort for a phone spy enthusiast to use Mobistealth spyphone product.