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MobileSpy phone spy by RetinaX Studios is a premier mobile phone spy and one of the only mobile spy with toll free 800 technical support.

BBB seal.

If you are looking for a top notch mobile phone spy product nothing tops MobileSpy as you shall see in this MobileSpy review. MobileSpy is one of the oldest phone spy software programs around and that is because Retina X Studios, the makers of MobileSpy, have been in business producing spy software for more than a decade now.

Not just for phones but for computers as well with their award winning SniperSpy. Even though MobileSpy is NOT a remote phone spy (must be installed to their mobile device) MobileSpy has every feature and facet that makes a phone spy product a winner MobileSpy has.

MobileSpy is Low Priced

Although MobileSpy is NOT the lowest price phone spy on the market it is very reasonable at just $39 for three months and $99 for one year. Most other phone spy are in this area, price wise, but when it comes to cell phone monitoring software the prices can range from $49 for a year all the way up to $500. Given all the other facts below that make MobileSpy an absolutely superior phone spy a price of $99 for a full year of spying is absolutely incredible.

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MobileSpy Features

MobileSpy has tons of spy features. When you purchase a MobileSpy membership to tracker a phone here is everything revealed to you in your MobileSpy members area once you have installed MobileSpy to their cell phone:

  • Call History Spying - see every phone call their cell phone makes and receives including the time of each call, how long each call lasts and phone numbers calls are made to and received from.
  • SMS History Spying - see every text message they send and receive. See the exact time of each text message, phone numbers text messages are sent to and received from as well as the full contents of every text message as it was sent and received.
  • GPS location tracking - physical location of the target phone is recorded in your MobileSpy members area at time intervals you specify. Each of the reported locations of the target phone is viewed clearly on a map.
  • Internet Activity - all web sites visited with their cell phones web browser are recorded in your MobileSpy members area. See the exact web address as well as the time the sites are visited.
  • Photo & Video Logging - all photos and video captured by their cell phone are recorded and a copy of them is silently transmitted to your MobileSpy members area for you to view. Exact time of video and photo capture is recorded for you as well.
  • Youtube Videos - all youtube videos watched are recorded in your MobileSpy members area with a link to each video for you to view.
  • Social Network Tracking - activity occurring with their cell phone on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter are recorded for you to see in your MobileSpy members area account.
  • Gmail Messages - view all gmail email messages sent and received by their cell phone.
  • Apps Installed - any apps (software programs) installed to their cell phone you can see in your MobileSpy members area.
  • Instant Messenger Logs - any instant messaging activity that occurs on their cell phone you can see including BBM, Yahoo, Gtalk, Windows Live and AIM.
  • Email Activity - see all emails sent and received by the primary email account on their cell phone.
  • Contacts - any names and numbers they store and save in the cell phones contact list are viewable by you.
  • Remote Control - send MobileSpy special SMS commands that allow you to remotely control their cell phone such as locking and unlocking the cell phone.
  • Live Control Panel - watch the screen of the persons cell phone live as if you were watching a TV screen.

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MobileSpy Better Business Bureau Member

BBB review of MobileSpy.

Being a member of the BBB is just one of the many ways MobileSpy goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Almost no other phone spy is a member and this is one of the ways MobileSpy shows and defines itself as a true professional company.

Not only is MobileSpy a member of the BBB but they are a member with an A+ rating. This is a sure sign and guarantee that when you use MobileSpy to track another cell phone you are either going to love it or not pay a dime.

Here is the link to MobileSpy on BBB web site to view the Better Business reviews of MobileSpy mobile phone spy company.

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Toll Free 800 Number

This is another area where MobileSpy phone spy excels over all others. MobileSpy has a toll free 800 phone number customers can call Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm. What is really great about this feature that pushes the MobileSpy review over the top is most people who want to use phone spy are not teche savvy. With the toll free 800 number any questions you have about MobileSpy, including its use and how to install, are answered by a live and real English speaking person. This makes using MobileSpy a cinch for anyone.

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Total Phone Spy Stealth

Some phone spy software reveal their presence to the target phone owner at times. MobileSpy does not do this in any way shape or form. Part of the reason is MobileSpy is the oldest and most experienced phone spy on the market. Any bugs that may have previously existed in the spy software have been removed and worked out. For example some phone spy will show a confirmation pop up every time the cell phone is started or restarted. Even if the error does not reveal it is from a phone spy application it is still a behavior that is sure to raise suspicions and paranoia with the cell phone owner.

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How MobileSpy Works

MobileSpy is a two part program.

  1. The part that does the actual spying and monitoring of the target cell phone. This is a smartphone spy app that is downloaded to their phone using their cell phones web browser. MobileSpy provides very exact and easy to understand visual instructions on how to do this no matter what type of phone you are installing MobileSpy to.
  2. The MobileSpy members area where you view the spy details captured by part #1. As the spy app on their cell phone silently captures all of the details described in the MobileSpy features section they are reported to your MobileSpy members area web site which you can log in to any time of the day or night - 24/7/365. This is your MobileSpy control panel members area where you get to view all of the spy details of the target phone.

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