Mobile Spy Iphone 5 IOS 6.

At last spying on the Iphone 5 iOS 6. is possible as MobileSpy by Retina X Studios has released phone spy compatibility for the latest Iphone.

At last!! People having been sending emails and support requests practically begging for spy software that is compatible with the latest Iphone - Iphone 5 iOS 6.

This is the newest and latest Iphone as of this writing (Feb 6 2013) and now the best mobile phone spy - MobileSpy has come through with their award winning phone spy software compatible with this Iphone.

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Iphone 5 spy software compatible with iOS 6.

Keep in mind to spy on this or any Iphone you do have to jailbreak the Iphone first as the Iphone or any Apple product can not accept non Itunes apps otherwise but this is not a problem as the most up to date jailbreaking service - Apple Unlocker - also now supports jailbreaking of the Iphone 5 iOS 6. as well!

This is great news for phone spy fans - especially parents wanting to monitor kids phones because you know how the kids and teens today have to have the newest latest and greatest everything so they are the coolest and their cell phones is no exception.

MobileSpy has been reviewed as really being the best cell phone spy application out there which is no surprise as they have been in the spy business (computers and cell phones) for more than a decade which make all other phone spy companies look like babies in the phone tracking and monitoring industry.

One reason phone spy enthusiasts have been chomping at the bit for Iphone 5 iOS 6. compatibility is because of a feature of MobileSpy called Live Control Panel which lets you see on your computer screen EXACTLY what they are seeing on their Iphone screen so it is 100% live real time phone spying at its best!

MobileSpy has all of the most cutting edge mobile spy features for the Iphone that go way beyond just monitoring calls and text messages. If you want to spy on an iOS 6 phone visit MobileSpy right now. You will thank me later once you see everything MobileSpy can do for tracking this latest and greatest Steve Jobs Apple product.

MobileSpy can track the following on the Iphone 5:

  • Text messages
  • iMessages
  • Call logs
  • GPS locations
  • Website history
  • Contact lists
  • Photos & Videos (taken by the phone)
  • Primary E-mail inbox
  • SMS Command Capability (Mobile Spy v.5.0 and up)
  • Gmail
  • YouTube Videos
  • Memo Logs
  • Apps Installed
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp Messenger