Mobile Tracker Apps to Track Any Mobile Phone

If you are looking to track a mobile good news is today there are mobile phone tracking applications that can literally track any cell phone in existence.

cell phone tracking map.

There are many options, in terms of available mobile tracking apps, that you might have when it comes to cell phone tracker. Technology has made it easy to track mobile phones today which allow you to know if your spouse is committing infidelity or your son or daughter is hanging out with the wrong crowd or even discover the driving habits of your teen.

It is of paramount importance the tracking application you choose will track their cell phone in total stealth without blowing your cover and letting the other person know you are tracking them. This technology is pretty simple and pain free as you read below.

For you to use the cell phone tracker you have two options available to you.

  1. You can use a conventional cell phone tracker which is a two part program. There is the actual tracking application you must install directly to their cell phone. It is not complicated or difficult to do but it does require you get a hold of their mobile phone one time to install the tracking application to it. The vendor you purchase the tracking application from will provide full step by step instructions for installing it to virtually any cell phone. The second part of the mobile phone tracking application is your members area. This is a web site where you log in with your provided username and password to view all the spy details the tracking application on their cell phone captures. With this type of mobile tracker you will be able to see full details of every single call, text message and email they send and receive as well as their exact physical location at all times. You will also be able to view names and numbers stored in their mobile phone book and even be aware of any video and photo they capture with their cell phone built in camera. A top mobile tracking app in this category is Spybubble. Their reputation is unmatched as well as the price of $49. Another good one is MobileSpy which starts at $49. MobileSpy even has a free 7 day trial of their mobile phone spy. Here is the complete list of this type of cell phone bugging software.
  2. If there is absolutely no way you can get a hold of their mobile phone to install the tracking application to it then you will have to use a remote phone spy. A remote phone spy is software program that gets installed to your computer. How to install remote phone spy is very easy. You establish a bluetooth connection with their mobile phone. Although you never have to get a hold of their cell phone to install anything you need to realize this type of mobile tracking application limits you to being able to see their calls, texts and emails only. The best type of this type of tracker is called EasySpy Cell Tracker and costs $49. The great thing about this phone spy is it comes with four different phone spy all for the $49. It comes with the remote phone spy AND a non remote phone spy for Android, Blackberry and Iphone.

You need to be aware there are mobile phone spy scams online. Although most are legit what you want to watch out for are remote phone spy programs that claim you do not need to access their cell phone to install anything. If these web sites claim you can intercept and listen to live cell phone conversations with their remote phone spy then that is a tip that they are a complete scam. There is no way you can intercept and listen in to live phone calls with a remote phone spy. You can do this with the first type of tracker app explained above but this type must be installed directly to their cell phone.

As you can see both types of phone tracking and spy applications have their advantages and disadvantages. In summary a conventional cell phone spy is a little harder to install but has more spy features. A remote phone tracking app is easier to install because you never need to get a hold of their cell phone but the number of spy features is limited.