Mobile Spy Unjailbroken Iphone

Mobile phone spying on an Iphone without jailbreaking the iphone first is possible but is the second best choice when it comes to Iphone spying. Here is why.

Cell phone spying on unjailbroken Iphone.

Mobile phone spying on an iPhone without jailbreaking the Iphone it is definitely possible but you have to keep in mind and undeniable fact you can't get around. It is absolutely impossible to install a non-Apple product to an iPhone unless it is jailbroken. Since there is no such thing, yet, as a mobile phone spy from the Apple store the only way to mobile spy on an unjailbreak an iPhone is to use a mobile spy method that does not require installing anything to the iPhone.

The only way this can be accomplished is with a remote mobile phone spy

While there is nothing wrong with a remote phone spy, you do have to be aware the spy features are more limited than non-remote mobile phone spy. A remote phone spy is a phone spy program with the software spying application does not get placed on the target phone, but instead is a computer software program run from your own desktop or laptop computer. You connect with the iPhone to spy on it via a remote Bluetooth connection. The spy features of a remote iPhone spy are limited to...

  • Spying on the iPhone's calls.
  • Spying on the iPhone's text messages.
  • Spying on the iPhone's e-mails.

In addition, your choice of working and legitimate remote phone spy for spying on an iPhone is very limited. In fact, here is the only legit remote iPhone spy program.

Why can't you jailbreak the target Iphone?

A better scenario that will give you many more options is if there is some way you can jailbreak the target iPhone you want to spy on.

Can you not jailbreak the iPhone because there's no way you can get a hold of the iPhone?  Can you get a hold of the target iPhone to jailbreak it, but you're afraid the owner of the iPhone will know it has been altered or modified in some manner?

These are certainly legitimate and valid concerns, but if there some way you can get past these mobile spying roadblocks and get a hold of the iPhone to jailbreak it, then you have many more choices when it comes to cell phone spy software and there are several additional spy features available to you.

If you can get a hold of the target iPhone to first jailbreak it and then install the spy software directly to it You had your choice of these iPhone spy programs...

Additional Spy Features Available for Jailbroken Iphone

As previously mentioned, the spy features available to you in the above phone spy applications for jail broken iPhones opens up to the following spy features...

  • Spying on the iPhone's calls.
  • Spying on the iPhone's text messages.
  • Spying on the iPhone's e-mails.
  • Allowing you to know the exact physical location of the Iphone.
  • Seeing names and numbers stored in the iPhone's contact list.
  • Seeing photo and video captured with the Iphone.

So YOU CAN spy on an unjailbroken Iphone. You can spy better on an Iphone you can jailbreak because you have more options available to you including which Iphone spy product you use as well as the number of Iphone spy features.