Mobile Spy Samsung

Mobile spy software for Samsung mobile phones will allow you to see all of a Samsungs calls, texts, emails, GPS location and many more phone spy details.

    mobile spy samsung.
  • Does your spouse or partner have a Samsung cell phone and you're afraid they're talking with somebody they shouldn't be talking with?
  • Does your son or daughter own a Samsung mobile phone and you're concerned about who their friends are and where your son or daughter hangs out?

Samsung mobile spy will let you see almost all the communications and activities that occur on their Samsung mobile phone, including all of the Samsungs...

  • Phone calls.
  • Text messages.
  • Emails.
  • GPS location of the Samsung.
  • Names and numbers stored in the Samsung's contact list.

If you're interested in spying on a Samsung mobile phone there are two different ways to do it.


This type of spy software must be installed directly to the Samsung. This means you must be able to physically get a hold of their cell phone one time for about 5 minutes to install the spy software. In order to do this their cell phone can have a password. Finally, their Samsung must be compatible with the spy application you install to it. If it's not the operating system on their mobile phone will not be able to read the code that makes up the spying application. If their Samsung is one of the ones in the list below then you will be up to spy on their Samsung with either...

All three of these Samsung mobile spy can be installed to the following Samsung phones:

  • Samsung GT i7500 Galaxy.
  • Samsung Behold 2.
  • Samsung InstinctQ m900.
  • Samsung Spica.
  • Samsung Transform.
  • Samsung Mesmerize.
  • Samsung Infuse 4G.
  • Samsung GT i5700.
  • Samsung Galaxy S Showcase.
  • Samsung Galaxy S i9000.
  • Samsung Galaxy Prevail.
  • Samsung Galaxy i5800.
  • Samsung Galaxy Apollo.
  • Samsung Fascinate.
  • Samsung Captivate.
  • Samsung Acclaim.
  • Samsung SPH M900 Moment.
  • Samsung Bigfoot.
  • Samsung SHW-M100S.
  • Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S.
  • Samsung Nexus S.
  • Samsung Intercept.
  • Samsung i5500 Europa.
  • Samsung Gem.
  • Samsung Galaxy Spica.
  • Samsung Galaxy S2.
  • Samsung Galaxy Mini s5570.
  • Samsung Galaxy Apollo i5801.
  • Samsung Galaxy.
  • Samsung Epic 4G.
  • Samsung Ace s5830.


This type of mobile spy you would use if

  • You can't get a hold of their cell phone to install the spy app.
  • Their Samsung is password-protected.
  • Their Samsung is not one of the ones in the list above.

Remote Samsung spy does not need to be installed to their phone because it is installed to a computer as it is a computer software program. Remote Samsung spy programs you can use include...

The great thing about this Samsung spy is there are no monthly, yearly or recurring fees. EasySpy Cell Tracker costs a one-time payment of $49.