EasySpy Cell Tracker Remote Mobile Spy Phone User Manual

How to install and user remote mobile phone spy software or any type of mobile phone spy can vary from spy phone software to spy phone software. Below are the user manual install instructions for the remote phone spy EasySpy Cell Tracker.

Within a few minutes after purchasing Easy Spy Cell Tracker you are e-mailed a detailed receipt which includes the links for downloading the cell tracker spy package as well as links to the install instructions and user manual. The main page of the cell tracker user manual is shown in the image below.

Easy spy cell track mobile spy phone software users manual

When you purchase cell tracker you are provided with both the non-remote and the remote spy versions of their mobile spy software.

The following instructions assume that you do not have access to the target phone and wish to use the easy spy cell tracker remote phones spy package

When you arrive at the page shown above click the link where it says "if you do not have access to the target phone CLICK HERE" this will take you to the install instruction pages for the remote version of the easy spy cell tracker software. At the top of the page you will see a link to view a video version of the cell tracker mobile spy phone user manual and install instructions.

Here are the written instructions for the install and use of easy spy cell tracker remote spy phone software.

  1. Click on the following link to download easy spy cell tracker remote spy package to your computer. (actual link given in the instructions after cell tracker has been purchased)
  2. For simplicity and convenience when the "save as" dialog box appears save the cell tracker remote spy software to your desktop.
  3. The cell tracker remote phone spy is a zip file. Right-click the file and from the context menu that appears select "Unzip..."
  4. After the files have been unzipped go to the unzipped folder and locate the "Btinstall".
  5. Double-click on the "Btinstall" file to begin the install process of the remote phone spy software.
  6. Once installation has been complete you will see a shortcut to the remote phone spy software program labeled "Bluetooth Scanner"
  7. Double-click on it to run it.
  8. In the upper left corner of the program click the "File" menu item.
  9. Click the menu item "Open".
  10. A dialog box will appear. Enter the telephone number of the cell phone you wish to begin spying on remotely. Make sure you enter in the telephone number using only numerals and no dashes so for example if the telephone number you wish to remotely spy on is "555-555-5555" enter in the dialog box 5555555555.
  11. Click on the "Open" button.
  12. Then click the "Start" button to begin scanning.
  13. Allow the program to scan for several minutes to successfully make a connection, remotely, with the target cell phone. Once the connection has successfully been established with the target phone any viewable information such as information about the cell phones calls, text messages, e-mails, etc., will be displayed in the software program's main window. Please keep in mind this data will appear in the program's window as it happens. In other words, don't expect to see data about the target phone in the programs window until that cell phone is actually engaged in an incoming or outgoing phone call, incoming or outgoing text messaging, incoming or outgoing e-mail, etc. Results appear live in the programs window as the person, who's phone you are now spying on, is using their cell phone.
  14.  To disconnect from the target phone and no longer receive data remotely simply close the program at any time.

I am frequently asked "is there any way the other person who's phone you are spying on remotely can know they are being spied on" The answer to this question is no.

Remember easy spy cell track or comes with both the remote phone spy versions and non remote phone spy versions. The above user manual install instructions for the easy spy cell tracker mobile spy phone software are for the remote spy phone version of the software. When you actually purchased Easy Spy Cell Tracker [$49 one time] you are provided with both sets of instructions as well as the full download links for the files that make up the mobile spy phone software program.