Mobile Spy Phone Software Reviews

In this mobile spy phone software review learn exactly which spy phone software is the absolute best at the LOWEST PRICES. Don't pay more than you need to for spy phone spy.


We are first going to cover remote mobile spy phone software. After all remote phone spy is the topic of this website. Remote mobile spy phone software is used in instances when...

  • for some reason you can't get access to the phone you want to spy on to install conventional spy software.
  • The phone you wish to spy on is a make or model of cell phone for which there is no compatible conventional spy.

The popularity of remote mobile spy phone software is based upon the fact that most people fall under one of the two categories above.


You may be wondering why there are multiple mobile spy phone software programs lumped under the same review. Fact of the matter is all of the above remote cell phone spy software, CellControl, CellSpyNow, ClubMZ, Club009, are many different websites all of which are owned by the same person and all of which sell the exact same remote cell phone spy program under a different product name and at different prices. All of those websites sell the exact same remote spy software you can get 100% free from trifinite web site. No matter which of these remote phone spy programs you spend your money on you are going to end up with the same exact download which is a zip file containing Blooover.tar and Blooover.jar. The way these remote cell phone spies are supposed to work is the program and their multiple files gets installed to your cell phone and not the one you want to spy on. The problem with this remote phone spy program is it's written in Java. Chances are your cell phone is not compatible with Java. In addition this remote spy phone package was written before the year 2000 and cell phone's today are dramatically different than they were back then. Last but not least this phone spy program was designed to specifically work on a few select Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobile phones. The package is 100% free remote cell phone spy so if you've got the time to waste and don't mind banging your head against the wall give it a shot. good luck getting this to work at spying on anybody cell phone.


Easy spy cell tracker is written by the well-known ILF mobile spy apps Corporation. ILS mobile spy apps has also makes and sells Highster mobile spy which is not a remote phone spy. Easy spy cell tracker is great because it costs just $49 with no recurring fees. In addition when you purchase easy spy cell tracker you are given both the remote and non-remote phone spy packages. The remote spy package is actually a computer software program that is area easy to use and has a very intuitive user interface. Once installed you double-click on the easy spy cell tracker shortcut on your desktop. In the program's main window you enter in the telephone number of the cell phone you wish to spy on. Click on the "start" button. Give the program a few minutes and you will begin seeing information about calls, text messages, e-mails, etc. that are coming into and going out from the target phone as they occur.


When it comes to non-remote mobile phone spy software there is just way too many models and brands available to review them all here. There are literally dozens of different non-remote cell phone spy software programs. Below we will review the best and least expensive non-remote cell phone spy programs only. Remember! To use non-remote mobile spy phone software you absolutely must be able to get access to the target phone one time for 5 to 10 min. to install the spy phone software. If this is not possible then you must use a remote cell phone spy.


When it comes to non remote mobile spy phone software Spybubble is the King and the leader. There is no other spy phone software that is it is inexpensive as Spybubble which starts at $49 for an entire year. The number of spy features part of spy bubble spy package is quite impressive. If you're willing to spend $40 more for the year you get the spy bubble Pro spy plan instead of just the spy bubble basic spy plan which adds numerous more advanced spying features such as the ability to intercept and silently listening to live cell phone calls as well as the ability to send the target cell phone a secret text message command which activates its microphone turning the target cell phone into a room bugging device. In addition spy bubble comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee which I know from personal experience they honor. Last but not least spy bubbles technical support is not too shabby and better than most cell phones by technical support. If you have any questions about spy bubble either before or after purchasing you can expect a reply by the next day at the latest. When it comes to non-remote mobile spy phone software you can do a lot worse than spy bubble especially for the money.


Phone Beagle is an equally impressive non-remote cell phone spy program. Although phone Beagle does not have quite as many spy features as spy bubble the price of phone beagle is equally impressive at just $10 per month or less. If you commit to a full year of phone beagle phone spy it costs $49. One very impressive feature of phone beagle is the members area which is very feature-rich and provides a lot of information regarding the target phone, more so than most phone spy programs. Another very impressive feature of phone beagle is the customer support which, in our opinion, is the very best in the spy phone industry. The only unfortunate downside to phone beagle is the number of cell phones is compatible with is on the low side compared to other phone spy software. Generally phone Beagle is compatible with all android and BlackBerry cell phones. At the current time phone Beagle does not work with iPhone, Symbian, or Windows mobile devices.


Mobistealth Is a bit more expensive than spy bubble or phone beagle but is also a high-quality mobile spy phone product. Mobistealth starts at $39 for three months. If for some reason spy bubble or phone beagle don't meet your needs mobile is certainly a valid, quality choice.