Mobile Phone Tracking Services

Different types of mobile phone tracking services and how they work. Track another persons mobile phone in real time with these services.

Do you want to find and locate a mobile phone online? You want to see a cheating spouse or child's location from your computer any time you want?

Types of Mobile Phone Tracking Services

GPS location tracking map.

All mobile phone tracking services are a membership that involve two things:

  1. the actual tracking application which is installed to the cell phone you wish to track. There is no way to track the location of a cell phone remotely. You can spy on a cell phones calls, text messages and emails with a remote phone spy but not the phone location.
  2. the mobile tracking members area where you view the target phones location. The target phone being the one you installed the tracking app to in step #1 above.

All mobile phone tracking services let you see the cell phones physical location at pre set intervals. The Spybubble mobile tracking service which costs $49 for one year lets you see the phones location once per hour. Mobilespy and Phonebeagle tracking service lets you customize the frequency of their cell phones location reporting to as frequently as once every 15 minutes. Mobilespy costs $39 for three months and $99 for one year. Phonebeagle costs $49 for one year. Mobistealth PRO spy plan allows you to both set the intervals at how frequently their cell phone position or location is reported AND send their cell phone a stealth and silent SMS command at any time which will tell you the cell phones immediate location right now. Mobistealth offers the most power and flexibility overall, in terms of mobile phone tracking, and Mobistealth is the most expensive starting at $79 for three months.

With all of these mobile phone tracking services the first thing you do is install the tracking application to their cell phone. This step scares some people and it should not. Even if you are a complete techie illiterate all of the tracking services mentioned above offer very explicit and detailed instructions for installing the tracking app. They all include color illustrations and even video. Last but not least they all offer customer support and help as well. Mobilespy and Phonebeagle tracking service have the most responsive and best customer support.

Once the tracking program has been installed to their phone the second thing you do is log in to the tracking service members area to view tracking details using the username and password they provide you. In your members area is where you can configure the specifics of the tracking application in terms of how frequently the target cell phones geographical position is updated and reported to your members area.

Tracking Details You Can View

To view the location of their cell phone is really a treat. You can see:

  • the persons location longitudinally and laterally.
  • the persons location on a map.
  • the path of travel that person has taken over time.

Below is an image inside the Mobilespy members area so you can get a good feel for the tracking information available to you. You can see the positions of their cell phone location as well as a MAP link for each location. Clicking that link will pop up a window SHOWING that location on a map. These records can also be downloaded and saved to your computer for your records.

Mobilespy GPS tracking service showing cell phone location.