Mobile Phone Spy - How Does It Work?

Here are explicit and clear explanation of mobile phone spying and exactly how mobile phone spy works AND how you can begin mobile phone spying for $49.

Many people are very mystified when it comes to mobile phone spying. For some reason people are so blown away by the entire concept of how to mobile phone spy they think it is a scam or not possible. In reality, mobile phone spy and mobile phone spy software is a very simple concept.

====[ There are two parts to most mobile phone spying ]====

  1. There is a smart phone application that gets installed to the phone that is going to be spied on.
    • this smart phone application gets installed directly to the cell phone using the cell phones built-in web browser. It only takes a few minutes for a person to download the spy application to your cell phone. Once this has been accomplished they simply shut down and restart your cell phone and from then on the spy application runs every time the phone is turned on.
    • The job of this smart phone spy application is to sit silently and patiently in the background waiting for certain events to occur on the cell phone. These events include
      • When phone calls are made.
      • When phone calls are received.
      • When text messages are sent.
      • When text messages are received.
      • When e-mails are sent and received by the cell phone.
      • When video or photos are captured by the cell phone.
      • When the physical or geographical position of the cell phone changes.

      When any of these events occur, it triggers the spy application to send specific and detailed information about these events to the second part of the mobile phone spy program...

  2. The receiving part of the spy information - the mobile phone spy members area.
    • This part of the cell phone spy is where the person who is doing the spying on your cell phone views the information about your cell phone. The spying smart phone application on the cell phone sends the information here. It is this part of the cell phone spy program that the person can see every phone call and text message you send and received, every e-mail you've sent and received, every video or photo you capture with the phone even your exact physical location at all times.

====[ How to Begin Mobile Phone Spying Yourself - How it Works ]====

If you wanted to begin spying on another person's mobile phone you need to first become a member of a mobile phone spy program. There are literally dozens of mobile phone spy programs out there. The quality and the price of these different phone spy products runs the gamut. You could spend as little as $49 upwards of $349 for a single year of spying on a cell phone.

The good news is price has nothing to do with quality. In fact many of the best cell phone spy programs is well under $100.

Remember, there are two critical parts to the cell phone spy program:

  1. The actual spying application that gets installed to the cell phone.
  2. The members area where the spy details are received and you view the spy details.

As soon as you have purchased one of those cell phone spy programs you are sent an e-mail that contains...

  • The actual spying smart phone application you will install the person cell phone.
  • Links to specific instructions of how to install the Smart phone spying application to their cell phone.
  • Your username and password so you can login to the spy members area website to view the spy details that are captured by the smart phone spy application you installed to their cell phone.

Once you've installed the spy application to the person cell phone by following the instructions the hard work is done. From that point on it. Any time you wish. 24/7/365 you can log into your cell phone spy members area and view the specific details of everything happening with the cell phone you are spying on. All three cell phone spy programs listed above have demos to give you an idea of what the members area is like and what information you can view about the cell phone you are spying on.

Now that you know all about mobile phone spy and how it works. You are better informed to protect your self from being spied on.

Remember, with most cell phone spy the actual spy application has to be installed to your cell phone. To do this, the person needs to get a hold of your cell phone and use your cell phone's web browser which takes about 5 minutes.

  1. Never let your cell phone at your site.
  2. Only lend your cell phone to people you know you can totally trust.
  3. Password protect your cell phone. Don't tell anybody the password.

If you suspect your cell phone has been infected with spyware. Your best bet is to have your cell phone operating system wiped and reinstalled by the manufacturer.