Mobile Phone Camera Remote Control

Did you know you could remotely control another mobile phones camera causing that mobile phone to take pictures anytime you wish by sending the mobile phone simple SMS commands?

This isn't science fiction or stuff of movies but something that is possible for anyone nowadays using a mobile phone monitoring and control program. All of these types of mobile phone programs have many different cool features and a few of them have what is called remote photo capture.

There may be a variety of reasons someone would want to remote control someone's mobile phone camera but the most common reason is for the purpose of espionage or surveillance.

How mobile phone camera remote control works.

Here is the way mobile phone camera remote control works.

In order to remotely control and other mobile phones camera you need to install monitoring and control software to it first. This means you must be able to get a hold of that cell phone for about 5 min. or so to download the remote control software to it.

Once this has been accomplished the mobile phone remote control software can now accept commands sent to it with your cell phone. The remote control software has source code embedded in it so that when these special SMS commands are sent to the cell phone with the software on it the remote control software activates that mobile phones camera causing it to take a picture. Not only will their camera capture pictures this way but a copy of these pictures will instantly be sent to the remote control software members area web site. You will be provided with the username and password that you can log into any time of the day or night 24/7 and view these pictures that have been remotely captured by sending their cell phone certain SMS commands from your cell phone.

As an added bonus these special remote control programs also let you send other special SMS commands to remotely control their mobile phone in other ways such as:

  • activate their mobile phones microphone turning it into an audio bugging device allowing you to hear all sounds and conversations going on around their mobile phone.
  • Activate their mobile phones camera to not only take pictures but capture video as well.
Here is a list of mobile phone monitoring and remote control software programs that will allow you to capture mobile phone photographs, remotely, by simply sending that mobile phone special SMS commands.

There are a couple of other remote control smart phone apps that do not have the mobile phone camera remote control feature but they do allow you to activate their mobile phones microphone turning it into an audio bugging device: