Live Control Panel

Live control panel is a spy feature only available with MobileSpy cell phone spy software that allows you to view their cell phone live like a television screen.

Live control panel screen shot from MobileSpy members area.

The concept of spying on a cell phone is pretty cool all by itself but MobileSpy has a spy feature no one else has called LIVE CONTROL PANEL. Live control panel is an extra add on feature that costs $40 for a year. MobileSpy - [ ] has all the regular phone spy features like letting you spy on calls and text messages, etc., but live control panel allows you to actually view the screen of their cell phone LIVE from the comfort and convenience of your MobileSpy members area.

This feature is almost identical to computer spy programs that allow you to view their PC screen live from your own PC except with MobileSpy you view their cell phone screen from your computer or cell phone web browser logged in to the MobileSpy secure members area. The images of the live screen of their cell phone are updated roughly once every 90 seconds.

MobileSpy can be purchased without the live control panel add on for $49 for three months or $99 for one year. MobileSpy without the live control panel feature will certainly reveal everything you need to know about who they are communicating with and where they go but with the live control panel add on it is like being a fly on their shoulder allowing you to see EXACTLY what they are doing with their cell phone as they do it!

Additional features that are part of the live control panel add on include:

  • Instant GPS Locations - Initiate an immediate GPS locate and view the latest locates on a map.
  • Initiate Call or SMS - Send a command to initiate a normal call to a number you enter.
  • Lock the Device - Lock and unlock the device with an optional siren alarm.
  • Get SIM Information - Get the latest SIM information in case the device is lost or stolen.
  • Log Delivery Via Email - Enables Mobile Spy to deliver your logs to your email address.