How to Listen to Cell Phone Conversations

Learn how to be notified instantly when they make or receive a cell phone call and you can listen to their cell phone conversations live.

Do you want to know how it is possible to intercept cell phone calls?

Listening covertly to live on going cell phone conversations is the most powerful form of cell phone spying there is because you are getting the truth directly from the persons mouth. You will be able to hear everything both people say in the cell phone conversation but they will have no clue you are listening in to the entire conversation.

This may seem like it is from a spy movie but mobile phone call interceptors has been on the market now for over 5 years.

The originating cell phone spy that made the technology of how to listen to cell phone conversations possible is Flexispy cell phone spy. They were the first. Flexispy is fairly high priced however. Using Flexispy technology to listen to cell phone conversations costs $349 for a year. Many say it is worth it. Since then there have been a few other cell phone spy companies making the technology of listening to cell phone conversations possible for much less money. The least expensive is Spybubble with their pro spy plan costing $89 for a year which includes live conversation spying and many more cell tracking features.

Is REMOTE cell phone spy conversation spying possible?

Unfortunately there is absolutely NO WAY to spy and listen in to live cell phone conversations with a remote cell phone spy. The cell phone conversation spy absolutely requires you can get a hold of their cell phone to install the spy app directly to their Android, Blackberry, Iphone, Symbian, or Windows Mobile cell phone. This process is not difficult or overly complicated (full instructions provided) but it is a necessary requirement. If you can not get a hold of their cell phone for about five minutes to do this or their cell phone has a password preventing access then there will be no way to spy on their ongoing cell phone conversations.

Cell phone conversation spying is easy to use and set up

In fact this technology has been used prior by surveillance companies and agencies before it became readily available on the internet. It is quite simple to use, simply install the Spybubble or Flexispy app onto the target mobile phone you want to conversation spy on. During the installation you could configure the program to notify you only when a particular number is communicating with their cell phone or leave it as the default which is every call they make and receive.

The next thing you must configure is the spy phone number

The spy phone number is the phone number the user will be calling from to intercept the phone call. What happens is when the target phone is in a cell phone conversation, when the spy phone number calls that phone during this time the cell phone spy app will recognize the phone number as the spy phone number and prevent their cell phone from ringing and instead just patch you silently into the ongoing cell phone conversation. You could either use your regular mobile phone or another dedicated phone when you are doing there spying. This is totally up to you.

What happens when they make or receive a cell phone call

When the target mobile phone (the one whose live conversations you want to spy on) makes or receives a call that will automatically trigger the spy program to send a text message to the software user - you. From there you could listen in on the cell phone conversation by simply calling the target device and this changes the conversation from a two way to a three way one automatically but they will have no clue you have been patched in and are listening in! Just make sure to mute your cell phone though or they WILL be able to hear you.