GPS Location Tracking Data Charge Management

As the target phones physical location changes the mobile spy app on their phone reports these changes to your phone spy members area using cell phone data plan.

Fine tuning GPS location tracking reporting.

With NON remote cell phone spy such as Spybubble or MobileSpy spy details, including GPS location tracking updates, are reported by the spy app on their phone to your cell phone spy members area which is a web site. This transmission of information from the spy app on their cell phone to your members area is accomplished using their cell phones internet data plan.

Many people have a cell phone plan that features unlimited data usage so this is not a problem. For those whose data plan IS limited this can be a problem. The reason GPS location tracking feature is the topic of focus here is because if a person whose cell phone you are tracking is moving around a lot their position may get updated very frequently which would potentially cause a rapid drain on the data plan. So how can we avoid this?

Although you certainly can spy on a persons cell phone if they have a limited data plan a much better scenario is spying on a mobile phone with an unlimited data plan so this is not an issue. In most cases this is something completely out of your control.

Although all cell phone spy have the GPS location tracking feature not all cell phone spy are created equal. Certain cell phone spy have settings in your spy members area that allow you to control certain aspects of GPS location tracking such as...

  • Being able to set start and stop times for GPS location tracking of the target device. Maybe you only need to track someone while they are awake?? By limiting the exact time frame you are updating the GPS location tracking of their cell phone you can drastically reduce data usage as location positions are updated and reported to the spy members area.
  • Controlling how frequently GPS location positions are updated. If you set the updates for every five minutes you are certainly going to use much more of the data minutes than if you set the location reporting update to once every 30 minutes or once per hour. Spybubble for example has the GPS location tracking update automatically set to once per hour to avoid data usage drain.

An example of a cell phone spy that allows you to have granular and very specific control over GPS location tracking reporting frequencies and other specifics of GPS location tracking is PhoneBeagle and MobileSpy. MobileSpy has a 7 day free trial of their mobile spy.

If you are tracking a cell phone that has unlimited data plan the GPS tracking reporting control is not an issue and you can pretty much choose any mobile phone bugging software. If the cell phone you are tracking has limited or metered data transfer you have to be more selective in the cell phone bugging software you choose.