Is Cell Phone Spying Legal or Illegal?

The laws regarding cell phone spying and monitoring vary depending upon the situation. Are you looking to catch a cheating spouse or are you monitoring your kids activities?

is cell phone spying legal?

Logging other people’s SMS messages and other cell phone activity or installing any mobile phone spy on another person’s phone without their knowledge AND consent can be considered an illegal activity in your country. Of exact laws will vary from country to country but generally WHY you are spying is of considerable importance.

For example if you are installing a phone spy on your relationship partners cell phone to see if they are cheating is illegal. However is anyone going to have you arrested for it and even more difficult to prove is you installed it on their cell phone. If you are a parent and your kids are under 18 and you install a phone monitor on their phone with the intent of being a good parent then in most cases this would not be considered illegal.

Cell phone spy software by itself is not in any way illegal. What makes cell phone spy legal or not is more about what you are going to do with it. Of course the reality is that people will ignore the law and use this software for the advertised purposes. If you are going to install the spyware on your spouse or lovers phone and you tell them you are doing this and then give their consent it will no longer be illegal but this totally negates the point of the cell phone spy for the purpose of catching a cheating spouse. It will be difficult to catch your cheating partner if you use spy phone software legally. States and countries have different privacy laws and they can vary significantly so it is difficult o give a definite answer without checking your local regulations.

Phone spy software is very difficult to detect and if the spy is clever they can easily get away with it and never get caught in the first place. The phone spy vendors like Spybubble and Mobistealth have a disclaimer on their web sites passing the full responsibility of how you will use their software on you. Like almost anything when used properly as monitoring devices they can be very beneficial but in the wrong hands they can be abused. You can install cell phone monitoring software on a phone that you own or have legal right over but you must also inform any adult user that the phone is being monitored. Bottom line is if you are going to use a cell phone spy don't be stupid about it and don't tell anyone.

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