Install Phone Spy to Mobile you THINK you can't Access

You want to install a mobile phone spy to their phone but there is no way you can get a hold of their mobile phone to install the spy software?

Grabbing anoither persons cell phone to install phone spy.

Mobile phone spying is becoming a very popular topic and not surprisingly because the rate of infidelity in relationships is skyrocketing to over 50% of relationships which means if you are in a relationship there is a better than even chance you already have been or will be cheated on. In addition almost every single child and teen now has and uses a cell phone which presents additional risks to kids we never had to face as kids such as teen texting while driving.

One requirement of all cell phone spy software that is not a remote phone spy is the spy software must be installed to the target cell phone. This is accomplished by using the cell phones internet browser to navigate to the web address or url of the smartphone spy app. This web address of the app will be provided by the company you purchase the mobile spy software from. This requires you get your hands on their cell phone one time for about 5-10 minutes to install the spy app. Once the phone spy has been installed you can trace their cell phone and all its activities from then on to confirm or deny your suspicions. This is a giant hurdle for many would be phone spy enthusiasts. A cheating spouse or suspicious child or teen will go to great lengths to prevent you from getting a hold of their cell phone - and for obvious reasons. Even if you do get your hands on their cell phone there is a pretty good chance it will be password protected. So how do we get around this hurdle?

Here is an ingenious little trick to get access to the most guarded and password protected cell phones out there. Many times this little trick will successfully allow you to get access to their mobile phone so you can install the spy program to it.

Use Panic To Get Hold of their Mobile Phone

This trick uses the emotion of panic to a certain extent. Pretend there is some immediate emergency of some sort and you have to leave the house immediately to attend to something. Pretend you absolutely need your cell phone. In other words intertwine making a cell phone call with the emergency in some way (hey I'm not going to do ALL your thinking for you).

The whole idea here is to pretend you can't find your own cell phone and you absolutely need a cell phone to make an emergency call of some sort and you have to leave immediately. In the pretend state of panic tell the person whose cell phone you want to install the spy software to you must borrow there cell phone BECAUSE you absolutely NEED a cell phone and you need it now so you don't have the time to find your own cell phone.

If you can be somewhat of a actor and pull this off - chances are you will get the other person to give you their cell phone and remove the password so you can get in. With their cell phone in hand leave the house and drive off. For the 30 or 45 minutes your are gone attending to your 'emergency' you will have ample time to download the spy program to their mobile phone.

If this trick does not pry their guard cell phone from their hands then you can be damned sure they REALLY have something to hide from you and you can probably trust your suspicious instincts that you have good reason to spy on their phone. If this trick does not work then you may wish to turn your attention and efforts to alternatives to conventional phone spy software and look to other alternatives such as...

  • Remote cell phone spy software. Not as good as conventional phone spy because your spy features are limited to calls, texts and emails they send and receive with their cell phone while conventional cell phone spy has more advanced features such as GPS location tracking and listening to live cell phone conversations.
  • Spokeo people - username - phone - email search. This specialized search engine lets you look for online identities and profiles they have no idea they are exposing online. An example is a cheating spouse may create a profile on a dating site he thinks is totally hidden and secure yet Spokeo will pull this up for you. Enter in the persons email address or username they normally use for online profiles and you may be surprised and shocked to learn what Spokeo will reveal to you.

These two alternative solutions are not QUITE as powerful as conventional cell phone spy but some information is better than no information. Using cell phone spy is kind of like being your own private investigator. Sometimes you have to be inventive and clever to get the job done but if you are determined you will succeeed.