How to Get Back Old Deleted Text Messages

Bringing back text messages that have already been deleted from a cell phone can be done but access to the target phone will be required

Methods of retrieving already deleted text messages include:


Image of SIM card.

The best and least expensive place to get a SIM card reader is Brickhouse Spy Tools. You can get these text message retrieval tools for well under $100. SIM cards are like memory sticks underneath the cell phones battery in the back of the phone. First make sure the cell phone has a SIM card. Not all cell phones do.

The SIM card is a small rectangular piece of plastic with one corner removed, like a page folded at the corner. SIM card readers are a great preventative measure as well, allowing you to save all the data off your phone onto your computer, including text messages. This device works with the included software to transfer all data from a SIM card for editing and viewing, including recently deleted text messages. After purchasing the SIM card reader you will need a special software that will allow you to retrieve deleted data from the SIM card. Most all SIM card readers from Brickhouse have this software already built in to the reader.

Depending on which SIM card reader you purchase, you will have the option to retrieve any deleted messages, contacts or even call logs. Insert the SIM card into a reader and plug the other end into a computers USB port to recover recently deleted messages and export them or simply view them. it is inexpensive and takes less than a couple of minutes to recover all text messages, photos, videos and contacts. More people use their mobile phones to send an SMS, or Short Message Service, than they do to make phone calls.

Deleted Text Messages Prevention.

Another option to prevent this from happening in the future is to install a cell phone monitoring application to the cell phone. Copies of all text messages (as well as calls, emails and web pages) visited are stored and saved in a member area for you so if the text messages get deleted a copy of all of them is waiting there for you. Using this for the purpose of saving and storing text messages is very inexpensive. If it is a Blackberry or Android go with PhoneBeagle which is a mere $49 for a year. Spybubble is also $49 and works for saving texts from Blackberry, Android, Iphone, Windows mobile and Iphones. These are the two least expensive options. Although this does not actually retrieve deleted text messages like a SIM card reader it does save and store all future text messages.

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