How Fast to Install Spybubble Mobile Spy

I installed Spybubble cell phone spy to my HTC Evo phone. Exactly how long it takes to install Spybubble spy to a mobile phone.

Spybubble cell phone spy software box.

If you are not going to use a remote cell phone spy then the spy software has to be installed directly to the phone you are going to track, spy on and monitor. Since 99.99% of people using a program like Spybubble are going to be installing it to a phone with the intent of the person they are spying on never finding out it is important the spy software can be installed to their cell phone rapidly - as quickly as possible. Since Spybubble cell phone spy is so popular I wanted to find out for myself just how fast Spybubble would install to their cell phone.

I Installed Spybubble to my own HTC Evo Android to see how fast

An HTC Evo is a typical and popular mobile phone model so I figured the test would be more than fair and accurate for the average Spybubble customer.

If you are not familiar with what is involved with installing any mobile spy to a cell phone there are three steps:

  1. launch the cell phones web browser.
  2. point the browser to the url or web address of the smart phone spy application.
  3. restart phone.

This would cause the spy app to begin downloading to the target cell phone. Here is a breakdown of EXACTLY how the install of Spybubble went.

launch HTC Evo web browser 15 seconds
type in url of Spybubble spy app 25 seconds
full download of Spybubble spy app 60 seconds
restart cell phone 45 seconds


Now I am no tech dummy so I figure I may have a little advantage over some potential users of Spybubble. I know exactly where to find my cell phones web browser and how to launch and I am very familiar with how to navigate to a web address with the cell phones browser.

If you are not so familiar with these steps then my advice before purchasing Spybubble is simple: Go to a cell phone store and pretend you are interested in buying the model cell phone you are going to be installing Spybubble to. Practice launching the cell phones web browser and navigating to a web address! Here is the web address of the exact instructions for installing Spybubble to different types of cell phones.

A couple of minutes of practice and you will be an expert. Most important you will be able to quickly install Spybubble to their cell phone and begin finding out the truth about the SOB.