How Easy is it to Install Spybubble Mobile Spy?

I installed Spybubble mobile spy to my HTC Evo Android phone. How easy or hard is it to install Spybubble to a cell phone?

Download Spybubble spy to a Blackberry mobile phone.

In order to become more acquainted with a phone spy program that is the number one selling phone spy I wanted to install Spybubble to my own cell phone to find out for myself just how easy or hard it was to install it. My cell phone is an HTC Evo which is an Android. Since this is one of the more popular mobile phones out there I figured this would be a good test to see for myself just how difficult, or not, it was to install Spybubble to a typical mobile phone.

Although the exact instructions for installing Spybubble at the Spybubble web site vary SLIGHTLY when installing it to the different types of cell phones (Android, Blackberry, Iphone, Windows Mobile, Symbian/Nokia) the instructions are, for the most part, the same. Installing Spybubble is a matter of...

  1. Launching the cell phone web/internet browser.
  2. Navigating to the address/url of the actual Spybubble smart phone spy application. The Spybubble app is named RADIO to remain anonymous and hidden on the target phone.
  3. The app begins to download to the phone once install the requested Spybubble serial key (which proves you purchased it) and then you click CONFIRM on the install confirmation dialog box.
  4. You shut down and restart the cell phone once the install of the spy application has concluded.

Sounded simple enough. The Spybubble install instructions seemed very clear and concise and included both high resolution images as well as video to assist in the install process.

So I proceeded to install Spybubble for myself and set a timer to see exactly how long the total install takes. The web site advertises it takes five to ten minutes. Here is exactly how it went.

Spybubble Install Step Time Required
Launch my HTC Evo web browser 15 seconds
Type the web address of the Spybubble app in browser 25 seconds
Time for the install to complete 60 seconds
Restart the cell phone 45 seconds
TOTAL TIME 145 seconds


Just over two minutes! Faster than the web site advertises. If you are thinking about using Spybubble to spy on a cell phone and you are concerned you are not "techie enough" to install Spybubble to their phone I can assure you - you ARE capable. If you have never used a cell phone before and have no idea how to launch its web browser visit a store that sells cell phones and ask the sales representative to give you a tutorial. Or if you know someone with a cell phone practice with theirs. Try to practice on the same type of cell phone you are going to install Spybubble to. You don't have to actually practice by downloading Spybubble to the cell phone you are practicing on. Navigating to the Spybubble spy app is exactly the same as navigating to any web address. Just practice by launching the cell phones web browser and type in any web site address. Do this over and over several times and you will quickly see it is a snap to do.

If for some reason there is no way you can get a hold of their cell phone to install a phone spy in the first place then you will want to learn how to spy on a cell phone without having it.

If you are going to use a cell phone spy that is not Spybubble all cell phone spy install to a cell phone in pretty much the same way. Installing Spybubble or any phone spy to a phone is really very easy to do.