Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup - Google

Google is just one of several 100% free and powerful tools you can use to do a reverse phone number lookup - landline or cell phone.

Google is the worlds most powerful search engine but for entering a phone number and reverse tracking or tracing back to the owners details like name and address there are a few other free and high power reverse phone trace tools.

This article will show you how to properly and most powerfully perform a reverse phone trace using Google but will also reveal a few other tools you may be interested in as well.

The biggest hurdle to overcome when using Google to find the owner of a phone number is filtering through all the spam results. A typical reverse phone search using Google will pull up and endless listing of garbage web pages whose only goal is to get Google traffic for other reasons so they have become pretty good at fooling Google into thinking their web page is actually a reverse phone number lookup result.

  • Better Google Reverse Phone Lookup: When doing your search with Google don't include the dashes between the numbers. Googles search robots just see the - as a space anyway. Googles search engine robots index entire web pages. Chances are the phone number you are trying to look up will not be all by itself isolated on a page but be part of larger chunk of content. Most people do a Google phone number search by typing the phone number within or not within quotes such as   8604841245 or "8604841245".

    A better way to do the search and remove spam results is to think of what words may come before or after the phone number. For example if the persons phone number was posted SOMEWHERE online by ANYONE they may have written something like "my phone number is 8604841245" or "contact me at 8604841345". To make your reverse phone search turn up more powerful and more relevant results try thinking of words or phrases that may come before or after the phone number and include them in the search.

    If you still see spam results coming up you can use the minus sign to remove them. For example if you are seeing a lot of results from that you don't want to see add "" to the search so your search would look like "my phone number is 8604841245 -usasearch".

    Use THESE combinations of words, phrases and the phone number within and not within quotes. I think you will find this method of using Google to reverse phone number lookup a lot more powerful.

    Properly using Google search to find owner of phone number.
  • Spokeo: you may have heard of this search tool because they have been doing a lot of advertising but have you ever tried them? They are actually an extremely powerful people search tool - not just for phone number traces but also looking up email address, name and even a persons username. I subscribed to them for three months and was very please with the quality and quantity of information. In fact this reverse phone trace tool is so powerful there are now thousands of search every month on Google for "how to remove myself from Spokeo".

    Using this reverse trace tool I was shocked at was pulled up including names, address, satellite view of the persons house, income, even relatives information. With Spokeo you don't have to worry about the search syntax as with Google. you just enter the phone number and that is all. Spokeos phone trace is free but the information you will see is somewhat limited compared to their paid membership which is $15 for three months.

    Spokeo is a very powerful reverse phone search tool.