Free Remote Install Mobile Spy Android App

Want to spy on someone's Android and you can't get a hold of the target Android mobile to install the spy software AND you want this Android remote spy app 100% FREE??

free Android remote mobile spy.

You sure ask for a lot but there is both good news and bad news regarding free remote install spy app to spy on Android.

First the good news!

There absolutely is 100% totally free remote mobile spy software to spy and any Android mobile device or mobile phone. And without delay here's the link to the free remote Android mobile spy software. In fact this software has been available for more than a decade now. It's totally free to download - totally free to install and use - and there are no monthly or future fees or charges in any way. And even better news you don't have to use it to spy on just an Android. You could use this free remote install mobile spy to spy on any cell phone you want - even prepaid cell phone spying like Metro PCS. Here's another little fact about this free mobile spy you may be interested in. This exact same remote install mobile spy software for android has been sold for as much as $129 under the name CellSnoop and $69 under the name Cell Control.

 Okay now the bad news.

It doesn't work. Yes the files that make up this free remote Android mobile spy software are Blooover.tar and Blooover.jar.  If you don't know anything about programming the. jar extension indicates it's a program written in Java. This spy phone application was originally created back around the year 2000 when mobile phones were completely different. This free Android remote spy application was also designed to run properly on only a few select  Nokia  and Sony Ericsson cell phones. If you know Java programming maybe you can decompile this remote Android spy software and get it to start working.

 Now more good news.

Although this free Android remote spy software doesn't work because it's so old and outdated and designed for phones that no longer exist the good news is there is a modern brand-new remote Android spy software that does work. Although this Android remote mobile spy is not free it is very inexpensive at $49. It's called Easy Spy Cell Tracker. The $49 is a one time fee with no future or recurring fees whatsoever. Easy Spy Cell Tracker is a spy package that includes both a remote phone spy and a non-remote phone spy. The remote phone spy program is a PC software program you can install and run on any laptop or desktop computer.