Free Mobile Phone Tracker? Free Cell Phone Spy?

Here is the truth and facts behind regarding 100% free cell phone spy software. Is this really possible and if so how?

Every day hundreds of people, literally, search Google for things like "free cell phone spy software" and "free cell phone spying?" only to be met with the frustration of lie after lie. So how come you see Google search results promising free phone spy software and when you land on their web page you were out right lied to about it?

Is it at all possible to get any kind of cell phone spy or cell phone tracking software that is really free and if so how and where?

Internet sales in general has exploded in the last decade. As recently as 2000 almost nobody would buy anything online out of fear of being scammed and now billions of dollars of products, including digital products which is what a cell phone spy software program is, are sold every year.

Today 95% of the driving force behind all online sales is affiliate marketers. These are mostly regular people with regular jobs like you and I who can make a web site or even a free web page and begin to promote an online companies products or services to make commissions. There are an elite few who make thousands daily doing this.

When it comes to cell phone spy software the percentage of persons driving sales is probably closer to 99%. The end result is people from all over the world with no credentials or experience whatsoever creating web sites trying to sell cell phone spy software.

The Reason for the FREE Cell Phone Spy Software Promise

One of the most commonly used tools these cell phone spy affiliates use is the Google keyword tool. The affiliate marketing enters in a root keyword like "cell phone spy" and the keyword tool spits back hundreds of different related keywords phrases people are searching Google for. The cell phone spy software affiliate marketer will then create web pages based tightly around these keyword phrases to lure Google search traffic in the hopes of converting visitors into sales which results in commissions for them. Here are the literal results for keywords phrases related to cell phone spy and cell phone spying the Google keyword tool produces:

Exact Words People Typing in to Google Search        Number of Searches Monthly

  • [free mobile phone tracking]               720
  • [free mobile phone tracker]                720
  • [cell phone locator free]                  720
  • [free gps tracking]                        720
  • [cell phone tracking free]                 720
  • [mobile phone tracker free]                720
  • [free cell phone spy]                      590
  • [free gps cell phone tracking]             590
  • [mobile tracker free]                      590
  • [cell phone spy free]                      590
  • [free phone tracking]                      590
  • [gps free download]                        590
  • [free mobile tracking]                     590
  • [free online cell phone tracker]           480
  • [free android phones]                      480
  • [spy mobile free]                          480
  • [phone locator free]                       480
  • [number lookup free]                       480
  • [cell phone spyware free]                  480

This list is by NO MEANS all inclusive or complete. Truth of the matter is ANYONE can create free web pages online at sites like or with those web pages promising free cell phone spy. Fact is there is no real governing body for the internet so the internet is still like the wild west.

Below is an image of the first page of Google search results for the search phrase "free cell phone spy" along with my own annotations.

Google search results for 'free cell phone spy'

So CAN YOU Get Free Cell Phone Spy?

There is no such thing as a free FULL FLEDGED phone spy software program out there. I am talking full cell phone spy software with all the spy features and bells and whistles that includes tracking of calls, text messages, emails, GPS location tracking, etc.

The closest you will ever come to free for these type of full fledged cell phone spy software programs is a couple of very inexpensive phone spy:

  • EasySpy cell tracker - $49 one time. No monthly fees. This one also comes with tons of related bonus software that is free so overall this is a fantastic deal.
  • PhoneBeagle - $49 per year. Works on Blackberry and Android.
  • Spybubble - $49 for one year. Works on most all smart phones.

There are some free GPS location tracking apps for cell phones however. These free smart phone apps have the limited functionality of allowing you to see exactly where a persons cell phone is at any time. Remember that commercial "where you at??"

Your best bet for finding these free smart phones apps is to do a search with your cell phone for "free cell phone tracking" or "free mobile GPS tracking app". The reason you should do the search with your cell phones web browser is Google will recognize the search is coming from a mobile platform and not a PC and provide you with the most accurate and relevant results.