Free Cell Phone Spy 2 Cell Phone Spy for Price of 1

The only cell phone spy software that actually gives you two different cell phone spy software. Pay $49 once for cell phone spy and get remote cell phone spy, as well as regular cell phone spy for Android, Blackberry and Iphone all for price of one.

There are many different cell phone spy software out there. You have probably heard of Mobistealth, Flexispy, Spybubble and MobileSpy - all big names in the cell phone spy software industry but there is actually only one mobile spy that gives you BOTH remote AND non remote cell phone spy software for the measly price of just $49. Right now you may only need one phone spy or the other but after purchasing EasySpy Cell Tracker you are directed to the download page. On the download page (image below) you can download the remote phone spy version of EasyTracker (shown by the link in the image that says "if you do not have access target phone CLICK HERE") AND download the non remote spy programs for install to Android, Iphone and Blackberry so in reality you pay for one phone spy for $49 and you have to opportunity to download all four for the same price! Buy one get three free!

Pay for one cell phone spy software get the others free.

You may be thinking "I need remote phone spy because I can't access the target phone. What do I care about the other non remote phone spy?" Maybe today you can't access the target phone but maybe one year or two or five years from now you need to spy on someone else's phone and you CAN get access to it and it is an Android or Blackberry or Iphone. Why pay for cell phone spy all over again. You paid for the remote phone spy - get the other cell phone spy free while you are at the download page!

Or the opposite may be true. Maybe today you can get access to the Android, Blackberry or Iphone to install the spy app to it and you are thinking "what do I care about remote phone spy?" Maybe in the future you need to spy on a cell phone you can't get access to OR maybe today you need to spy on an Android but next year or the year after that it turns out a cheating partner has a Blackberry.

Bottom line - when you get EasySpy Cell Tracker you pay for one cell phone spy software - GET THE OTHER ONES FOR FREE!

The fact that Cell Tracker is only a one time $49 with NO monthly fees is reason enough to choose Cell Tracker but the fact you can get four different cell phone spy for the price of one it is like getting free cell phone spy software.