Find Cell Phone Location from its Phone Number

Can you find out the physical geographic location of a cell phone just by knowing the cell phones number?

I saw a question on Yahoo Answers the other day where the person raised this question. "Is there software like this, you just enter phone number of your friend for example, and it gives you information where he is right now, shows his there program like that, please?"

Cell phone tracking map from cell phone tracking software.

The answer to the question is no but yes - sort of. Many people are under the false assumption there is a web site out there where you can enter a persons cell phone number and it will do some calculations and spit back the exact physical location of that persons cell phone and show you where they are on a map. In fact there is a web site that sort of makes fun of this misconception by asking you to enter in a persons cell phone number and then a graphic animated image shows the earth from satellite view zoom down and drilling down to a specific location but it is all a spoof.

There is a service that will show you WHO owns a cell phone by entering that persons cell phone number. It will also show you much more specific information about the owner of the cell phone including family members and social and dating profiles they have online. This service is called Spokeo people search.

As far as tracking the persons exact physical location, right now, this is only possible by installing a program directly to his cell phone. These programs are referred as cell phone tracking software. Examples of good ones that are very inexpensive include

These type of cell phone tracking programs are most often used by a spouse who feel a partner may be cheating or a parent wanting to track their son or daughters locations and activities. Parents can even use these programs to detect the driving habits of their kids. These programs are designed to run hidden in the background so the person never knows they are being tracked. Once the program has easily been installed on their cell phone you can log in to the mobile tracking web site and see the exact location of that person. These programs will also reveal amazingly refined details of the persons phone calls and text messages. There are remote phone tracking programs but the do not have the GPS location tracking ability. This feature is only possible with a phone spy you install directly to the persons mobile device.

The way these programs work is cell phones already have GPS location tracking technology built in to them. This is why a cell phone can have an app that gives turn by turn directions. A cell phone tracking program will report these GPS details to your phone tracking software members area web site. This transmission of data is accomplished via their cell phone internet connection.

Although it is currently not possible to know the exact location of someone in the immediate moment just by entering their phone number into some web site or program without installing the proper software first I do believe this technology and ability will be available very soon.