EasySpy Cell Phone Spyware

EasySpy for Android, Blackberry, Iphone and even if you can't access the target phone lets you see their cell phones text messages (even if deleted), phone calls, emails, GPS location and more.


EasySpy Cell Phone Monitoring Spy Features

  • See every text message their cell phone sends and receives (even if they delete it).
    • see date and time of each text message with EasySpy.
    • phone numbers text message are sent to and received from with EasySpy.
    • the actual text message word for word with EasySpy.
  • See every phone call they make and receive.
    • see date and time of each call with EasySpy.
    • how long each phone call lasts with EasySpy.
    • the phone numbers calls are made to and received from with EasySpy.
  • GPS location tracking.
    • With EasySpy track the cell phone to within 50 FEET of its location. Position of phone is displayed on a REAL map with street names, town names and every other feature you would find on a regular map! Movement of the phone is tracked in REAL-TIME which means that as the phone moves the pointer on the map will move as well. For anyone looking to track the REAL movement of ANY cell phone in REAL TIME this is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE!
  • Emails.
    • See every email they send and receive with EasySpy.
    • see the time every email is sent and received with EasySpy.
    • see the email contents word for word with EasySpy.
  • Audio Surround Bugging!
    • From any cell phone, you can dial the target phone to remotely activate the microphone effectively turning it into a “bugging” device with out them knowing. Hear everything that is being said in the room above a whisper! You will be able to listen to the conversation of all parties involved as is you were in the room yourself. The ideal spy tool!
  • Photo and Video Tracking.
    • Photos they capture with their cell phone you will be able to see with EasySpy.
    • Video they capture with their cell phone you will be able to see with EasySpy.

EasySpy Gives 4 Cell Phone Spyware for Price of One

After purchase of EasySpy you are directed to the download page. On that page you can immediately download all four EasySpy tracking and spy tools!

  1. EasySpy for Android cell phones.
  2. EasySpy for Blackberry phones.
  3. EasySpy for Iphone spying.
  4. The remote spy version of EasySpy in case you can't get access to their cell phone to install EasySpy.

You can download and use ALL FOUR versions of EasySpy cell phone tracker and spy.


easyspy software box.

If you have any suspicions your spouse or partner is cheating then you want and need EasySpy. EasySpy will let you see complete details of what your spouse is doing with their cell phone. You can see where they go and when they go there as well as who they talk with and send text messages to.

Kids are starting to use cell phones to text their friends at even younger ages today, giving parents greater reason for concern. You want your child to have the ability to call you whenever and from wherever they need to, but you also want to know who they are communicating with when they are not talking to you. Thanks to EasySpy, cell phone spying can help you keep tabs on your child and their cell phone activity. Our cell phone spying software lets you see all of the incoming and outgoing text messages sent on your child’s cell phone, even if they have deleted them.

When you compare cell phone spying devices, you will find that EasySpy cell phone spying software has the features that will give you the results you want. Easy Spy allows for cell phone spying on almost any cell phone. Unlike other types of cell phone spying devices, you don’t have to have a specific brand of phone in order to track calls. Whether your teen has a Smart Phone, Android, Blackberry or other style, cell phone spying is easy and works with a wide range of service providers.

easyspy web site. If you have ever wished you could see the messages that your child or spouse sends out on their phone, EasySpy cell phone spying software is the solution for you. With full details of when messages are sent or received, telephone numbers from recipients or senders, and the exact text message sent to your own email account, you will know everything that your child or spouse has said or heard. All of the data will be saved for you to look at whenever you want so that you can always know when your child is using their phone and how.

Easy Spy offers cell phone spying features that you won’t get from other types of cell phone spying devices – and at a much lower price than most - just $49!. You can use any cell phone to secretly activate the microphone on the target phone so that you can instantly turn it into a monitoring device. If you want to hear what is being said in the room where the target phone is located, this feature lets you listen in without being detected.

Easy Spy also features real-time GPS tracking that will let you track the cell phone to within 50 feet of its current location. You see the results on a map with street and town maps. Any time you want to know where the owner of the target cell phone is, this feature will quickly show you in real time even if the owner isn’t answering or using their phone at the time.

Cell phone spying is a valuable tool for parents who are concerned about their children’s activities and an absolute must for catching a cheating spouse. Best of all, it’s the easiest program of its kind to use, and it includes a wide range of features that will help you put your mind at ease about your child’s safety OR your partner or spouse behavior after hours!