Cell Phone Tracking System for Beginners

Have no idea at all how to spy on a cell phone? Here is a cell phone tracking method and system for the beginner cell phone spy-er.

If you want to spy on a cell phone but you have no idea whatsoever what is involved or how to do it this article is for you. The fact is almost every body, when it comes to spying on a cell phone, is a beginner.

Follow this simple step-by-step system and your experience with tracking and monitoring somebody cell phone should be hassle free and actually enjoyable.

STEP #1 - first thing you need to know is there are two different types of cell phone spy programs. Your first decision you must make when spying on someone's cell phone is to decide which of these two phone spy programs you're going to use.

  1. Remote phone spy. Not as good as non-remote phone spy. Can only spy on phone calls, text messages and e-mails the target cell phone sends and receives. A software program that can be installed to a laptop or desktop computer. Does not need to be installed directly to the phone you're going to track.
  2. Non-remote phone spy. A better phone spy system than remote phone spy. Although this type of phone spy must be installed directly to the persons phone you're going to spy on the number of spy features available to you are much greater. Not only can you spy on the target cell phones phone calls, text messages and e-mails you can also monitor and track the target cell phones names and numbers stored in the phone book, videos and pictures the target cell phone captures with its built-in camera as well as the physical location of the target cell phone.

Ideally, for best results, the better of these two phone spy is the non-remote phone spy. True -  it is a little more difficult to set up because you do need to get a hold of the target mobile device but the number of spy features is much greater.

So your first step for this cell phone tracking system is decide which of these two phone spy's you are going to use.

STEP #1a - this step only applies if you choose to use a non-remote phone spy program. Since a non-remote phone spy gets installed directly to the target device you wish to track that target device or phone must have an operating system that is compatible with the phone spy program. All cell phone spy programs have a list of cell phones their tracking program is compatible with. Just look for the link at the top of the phone tracking systems web site that will either say -supported phones- or -compatible phones-. Click on the link and make sure the phone you wish to install the phone tracking software to is in the list. If the phone you wish to monitor is not in their list of compatible phones then you either need to choose a different phone spy system or you may have to use a remote phone spy.

STEP #2 - choose a specific cell phone spy system or software program. Here is a list of quality, reliable phone spy programs you can use in both the remote phone spy and non-remote phone spy category.

Remote Phone Spy Systems

  • EasySpy Cell Tracker - this is the only remote phone spy software that is not a scam. The great thing about this phone spy is you get BOTH phone spy systems (remote and non remote) for the price of one ($49 on time fee. No monthly or yearly fees). There are many other remote phone spy programs advertised on the Internet but my warning to you is to steer clear. All the other remote phone spy programs currently advertised on the Internet claim to have spy features that are absolutely not possible with a remote phone spy. You may wish to read this article on remote phone spy scam.

NON Remote Phone Spy Systems

  • EasySpy Cell Tracker - as mentioned above with this spy system you get both the remote and non-remote spy versions. $49 on time fee. No monthly or yearly fees.  Also includes a lot of additional bonus spy related software.

  • Spybubble -  A very good and inexpensive non-remote phone spy. $49 for one year.
  • MobileSpy - Another great phone spy.  If you are a beginner cell phone tracker this is actually the most recommended phone tracking system for you because the company that sells this phone tracking system has live toll-free 800 customer support with real human beings that can walk you through the process of installing and using the cell phone spy program.

STEP #3 - at this point you have decided on which type of phone tracking system you wish to use and you have chosen a specific phone spy program as well. What will happen after you purchase one of these phone tracking programs is you will received an e-mail from the company. This e-mail will contain everything you need to get started. This is what is referred to as your phone tracking welcome e-mail. In it you will find links to all the instructions you need to install the phone spy program and begin using it to monitor somebody cell phone.

Final Word For Beginner Future Phone Spy-ers

The prospect of spying on a mobile device can seem complicated and scary but really it is not. Kind of like riding a bike. Spend a little time learning about it and you will be comfortable with it and an expert in no time. I promise! If you need answer to some questions then by all means contact me and I will help. Good luck and begin spying on someone!!