Cell Phone Spy Sim Card Reader

Cell phone SIM card reader is a great way to spy on cell phone activities including deleted cell phone data like deleted text messages, deleted call logs, deleted contact lists.

Cell phone spy SIM card reader does not really fall under the category of remote phone spy because you absolutely must be able to access the target cell phone to remove its SIM card. Not all cell phones have SIM cards. There are 2 different types of networks that are commonly used by service providers in the US. T-Mobile, Cellular One and AT&T use GSM networks while Verizon, US Cellular and Sprint use CDMA networks. Phones for GSM networks use SIM cards and phones for CDMA networks do not. So any phone from Verizon, US Cellular and Sprint will not have a SIM card. The best way to check is open the back of the cell phone.

Underneath the cell phone battery will be the SIM card if there is one.

The SIM card is a small rectangular tab about 1" long 3/4" wide. Here is a picture of one that is approximate actual size. The SIM card could be any color but looks just like the image below.

How Cell Phone Spy SIM Card Reader Works

The way a cell phone spy SIM card reader works is you insert the SIM card into on end of the SIM card reader. Plug the other end of the SIM card reader into a computers USB port. Software that is built in to the cell phone spy SIM card reader will launch allowing you to view cell phone spy details including deleted texts, contacts and more. Some of Brickhouse Spy Tools SIM card readers even lets you see physical locations their cell phone has been at. Cell phone spy SIM card readers range in price from $60-$120 and are handy little cell phone spy devices.

Brickhouse Spy Tools is the best and cheapest place to get a cell phone spy SIM card reader. Below are images of several of the SIM card readers Brickhouse has and the prices. Full instructions on exactly how to use each of the cell phone spy SIM card readers is included with each one.

Cell phone sim card readers from Brickhouse.