Cell Phone Bugging & Cell Phone Bugging Software

If the infidelities of your cheating spouse are bugging you or who your kids are hanging out with and where they go is bugging you then fight back with cell phone bugging devices and and mobile phone bugging software.

How Do You Bug a Cell Phone

Cell phone bugging, in its most politically incorrect and blunt definition, allows you to completely remove any and all privacy from another persons mobile phone. Bugging a cell phone lets you see everything someone does with their cell phone and when they do it including...

  • calls
  • SMS (text messages)
  • emails
  • phonebook contact names and numbers.
  • exact location tracking of the cell phones coordinates displayed on a map.

These are the most basic mobile bugging features of even the most feature thin mobile bugging software and believe it or not you can begin bugging another persons cell phone for a mere $49 per year with the least expensive Android, Blackberry and Iphone bugging software such as

Spy bugs for cell phones are simply small smart phone apps that come with a membership. In reality when you pay for this type of bugging software you are paying for the membership and not so much the smart phone bugging application. Pay the nominal membership fees and you are provided with the bugging software and the membership.

The bugging software you download to the mobile device with the cell phones built in web browser. Real easy to do and explicit instructions are always included. The entire install process takes but a few minutes. Once that has been completed you log in to your cell phone bugging software members area any time you wish to see all the juicy details the bugging application silently captures for you 24 hours a day.

After reading this many will cry "how do I bug a cell phone if I can't get a hold of their mobile phone to install the app??" If this is your situation then you need remote cell phone bugging software.

How to Bug a Cell Phone Remotely

Remote cell phone bugging works a little different. The application that does the bugging does not go on their cell phone but instead is a computer software program.

  1. Launch the program.
  2. Enter the cell phone number you wish to begin monitoring and tracking.
  3. Click the START or SCAN button.
  4. Within a few minutes a Bluetooth connection is established.

Remote cell phone bugging software is all inclusive meaning there is no members area you have to log in to view the spy details of the target mobile device. Everything gets displayed right on the PC software main window.

The main downside or draw back to this type of phone bugging application is you are limited to being able to bug their cell phones...

  • calls
  • text messages
  • emails

The big upside to remote cell phone bugging is no members area so no recurring fees. For example EasySpy Cell Tracker costs $49 one time for life. Another plus to this phone bugging program is you actually get four bugging apps for the one price of $49. You get...

  1. Android phone bugging software.
  2. Blackberry phone bugging software.
  3. Iphone bugging software.
  4. Remote cell phone bugging software.