Catch Cheating Spouse Software

If you think a spouse or significant other is cheating on you the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to catch them is with these two specific catch cheating spouse software programs...

I can tell you personally from experience there are two pieces of catch cheating spouse software that will do the job super fast, in a matter of days.

  • The first piece of catch cheating spouse software I highly recommend as a cell phone spy of some sort.

This of course assumes your cheating spouse has and uses a cell phone. These cell phone catch cheating spouse software. spy applications are provided by online companies in business specifically for this purpose. I will provide a list of these companies below. This type of mobile spy program gets installed directly to your cheating spouse cell phone. You use the cell phones built-in web browser to navigate to the address of the cell phone spy smart phone application. The cell phone will recognize the file as being a smart phone file and begin downloading it as such to their cell phone. Fortunately the file size of these mobile spy smart phone apps is fairly small so the entire process takes no more than a few minutes. Once the spy application has successfully downloaded and installed to their cell phone it will run in the background in total stealth. When they shut down and restart their cell phone this smart phone spying application will run and start with the phone. Again this all happens in the background in total stealth so there's no way they will know.

These cheating spouse cell phone spy applications are designed to sit quietly in the background waiting for communications to occur on their cell phone such as phone calls, text messages, and e-mails. Whenever these occur (both incoming and outgoing) the cheating spouse cell phone spying application will send details of this to a special website you can log into with a username and password that is also provided by the cell phone spy online companies. It is these web sites where you privately view all of the explicit details of your cheating spouses cell phone activities.

Here is a list of the most highly coveted and least expensive cheating spouse mobile spy companies.

For some people a big hurdle to spying on a cheating spouses cell phone is getting a hold of their cell phone to install the spy program. This is certainly a valid concern especially considering if your spouse or partner really is cheating on you they are going to be using their cell phone to talk to their secret lover and because of this will keep their cell phone password protected and as far away from you as they possibly can. A way around this is with remote cell phone spy software which is actually a computer software program. As such it's not required to install anything to your cheating spouse's cell phone. Honestly most remote phone spy software is ineffective or a downright scam. The one decent remote phone spy you can use to catch your cheating spouse is EasySpy Cell Tracker. This one was mentioned above because EasySpy Cell Tracker has both a non-remote version (must be downloaded to their phone) and a remote spy version (nothing needs to be downloaded to their phone) of their cheating spouse cell phone spy software.

  • The second most powerful catch cheating spouse software is some sort of computer or PC spy.

There are a variety of these out there. A good free one is called cheating spouse investigator. In attempting to download this free pc spy you may get a browser warning the file is dangerous or malware but that is only because it is a keylogger spy program. Another good one that is very inexpensive is called Aces spy. This type of catch cheating spouse software operates on a computer much the way a cell phone spy operates on a cell phone. Once installed this program runs in the background of computer processors totally hidden. These types of programs will capture every keystroke your cheating spouse types while they are at the computer and will even save and store (in a hidden location only you know about) screenshots or screen images of websites they visit and programs they use. They will even capture usernames and passwords they enter at member websites such as dating sites, porn sites, etc.

Either of these two types of catch cheating spouse software programs will be the fastest and easiest way as well is the least expensive way to catch a cheating spouse. And frankly these two tools are the very same tools are very expensive private investigator would use as well. Save yourself a lot of money and invest in an inexpensive cell phone spy and computer spy.