Beware of Fake Scam Phone Spy Websites There are many affiliates online making web pages on their web sites claiming their cell phone spy software is remote phone spy when it is NOT! In fact if you do a Google search for 'remote phone spy' one of the first listings that comes up is for the website advertising a product called spymaster yet you have to install that phone spy to the phone you want to spy on which is the exact opposite of remote phone spy.

Here is the easiest way to tell if a remote phone spy is truly remote phone spy. The reason it is important you know the difference is there is a world of difference between phone spy that is remote and phone spy is not remote. Most people interested in a remote phone spy program are interested in that type of mobile spy because there is no way they can get a hold of the target phone to install the spy software. If you make the mistake of purchasing a phone spy that is not truly a remote phone spy and you will find out afterwards that you will need to get a hold of the target phone to install it and then you have to deal with the hassle of returning it and getting all your money back. This could end up being a huge hassle and quite possibly you wouldn't get all of your money back as well.

The easiest and simplest way to find out if a phone spy is truly a remote phone spy is search for how the spy software must be installed. Look for the words target phone in the webpage. In fact with all web browsers you can bring up a search box by pressing the keys CTRL + F on your keyboard. While you are on the phone spy webpage bring up that search feature and type in the words target phone. if it says anything about having to install the spy program to the target phone, which is the one you want to conduct the mobile surveillance on, then it is not a remote phone spy but it is one of these fake scam spy software programs. Not saying that the spy software itself is a scam or that it won't work but the idea they are marketing it to you as a remote phone spy is a scam and a blatant deception. I'm not sure why these websites do this because when the customer gets a refund of their money the affiliate will lose their commission so it's a big waste of time for them as well.

These fake scams spy websites do this on purpose. It is a blatant and pre-thought out method they use to try to trick you out of your money. The reason for this is sales affiliates for phone spy software know mobile phone spy industry is extremely competitive as far as being visible within Google search results and getting traffic to their webpages. Remote phone spy is a less competitive field within the cell phone spying market.

Here is a list of some of the bigger fake scam phone spy websites that claim their phone spy is a remote phone spy but when you search deeper within that webpage you will see in fact that their phone spy has to be installed the target phone so it is in no way shape or form a remote phone spy. I won't give these scams spy websites the privilege of hyperlinking to their website so if you want to check it out for yourself highlight the website address, copy it to clipboard, and paste it into your browser address bar.

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You might want to do yourself a favor and become a little more familiar with the basics of remote phone spying. An example of a true remote phone spy is cell control remote phone spy.