Best Remote Cell Phone Spyware

EasySpy Cell Tracker is not only the best remote cell phone spyware but the only remote cell phone spy that works.

award for best remote phone spy.

Voting on which remote cell phone spy is the best is not even a contest. As a full time programming professional for the past three years there is actually only one remote cell phone spy that really works as advertised and believe it or not there are only two remote cell phone spy programs in existence!

Many may be quick to argue with me and state "I have seen tons of web sites advertising remote cell phone spy". All of these different web sites are actually the same company selling the same remote phone spy under different names at different prices. These web sites sell this remote phone spy under the following names:

  • Cell Control.
  • CellSpyNow.
  • Cell Snoop.
  • ClubMZ.
  • Club009.
  • eStealth.
  • Cell Tracker (not to be confused with EasySpy Cell Tracker)

This is not the complete list as the company keeps making new web sites giving the remote spy software different name but all of them are selling remote spy for cell phones you can get absolutely free at trifinite. This remote cell phone spy is make up of blooover .jar and .tar files which were written in Java.

Although this remote phone spy is accused of being a scam that is not totally true. This phone spy was written way back around the year 2000 and was written for a few specific Nokia and Sony Ericsson cell phones way back then. This remote phone spy no longer works.

What makes this product a scam is not the product itself but the fact that all of the above web sites state the remote phone spy can be successfully installed to any cell phone which is a flat out lie and totally inaccurate. On top of that these web sites state this remote cell phone spy can be used to listen to live in progress cell phone conversations, a spy feature referred to as remote call listening.

It is absolutely impossible for any phone spy to listen to live cell phone calls unless it is installed directly to the cell phone you are spying on.

The BEST Remote Cell Phone Spyware

The only other remote cell phone spy out there is called EasySpy Cell Tracker. Made and sold by ILF mobile apps, a company who also produces and sells Highster mobile. EasySpy cell tracker is the ONLY remote cell phone spy that works. When you purchase EasySpy for $49 you actually get BOTH a conventional cell phone spy for Android, Blackberry and Iphone as well as a the remote phone spy app. The remote spy app is actually a computer software program that spies on cell phones remotely by establishing a Bluetooth connection with them. This remote phone spy is completely different from all the other ones described above. EasySpy Cell Tracker is the BEST remote cell phone spy because it is the only one that actually works!

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