Best Android Mobile Phone Spy Apps

If you looking to spy on an Android mobile phone here are the best and least expensive spy apps to do the job.

Looking to spy on an Android? Do you want an Android spy app that is not too expensive, is top quality, runs in complete stealth totally hidden AND has the best technical support?

Android phone spying.

You sure want a lot and your in luck because there are a couple Android spy software programs that are just what you are looking for. The Google Android platform, thankfully, is compatible with almost all mobile spyware out there but in order to monitor a cheating spouse or your kids cell phone but the following are the best quality at the best price.

The best part about these couple of Android spy apps is they come with the best technical support so you can be completely techie dolt and you will have no problems installing and using these Android spy apps because an expert is literally a phone call away.

How Android Phone Spy Works

There are two part to these platform spy apps. The actual spying application which must be installed to the Android phone you wish to track and monitor. If there is no way you can get a hold of their phone to install the spy app then you are going to want a remote phone tracker.

Once you have downloaded the program to their phone (takes about 5-10 minutes) the program works hidden in the background 24/7. The app monitors everything happening on their cell phone. As calls are made and received, text messages and emails are sent and received and the phone changes it geographical location or position the spy app on their Android transmits all the information about these activities to your Android spy web based account. You log in any time you wish to your private members area where you can see full details of all calls, text messages and emails they have sent and received as well as everywhere they have been viewable on a special map in your Android spy members area.

Best Android Spy Apps

The following spy apps are the oldest and most well established phone spy programs on the market. They have been around the longest and are real companies with 800 toll free technical support.

  • MobileSpy - these guys have the BEST Android tracking apps in the business. They have been around for over a decade. MobileSpy reviews are sparkling and glowing and the price of this Android spy software is a mere $99 for a full year of tracking any Android phone.
  • Mobistealth - also a real solid company. Mobistealth has a Lite, Pro and ProX membership. The different memberships have slightly different spy features and different prices so you can only order the spy and tracking features you really need and not pay more than you have or want to. Android spying with Mobistealth starts at $39 for three months. Mobistealth reviews are also impressive as well.
  • Spybubble - this is the most popular Android spy out there in terms of daily sales. Spybubble PRO has 15 spy features for Android for just $89.