Absolute BEST Cell Phone Spy in the World

Which mobile spy has the MOST spy features, the lowest price, is most reliable, most stealth, live real customer support and a top notch money back guarantee?

best cell phone spy software award.

What constitutes a cell phone spy that is the BEST of them all took some thought since there are soooooo many phone spyware programs out there.

In our opinion here are the most important factors a great cell phone spy MUST have.

The cell phone spy that met the most of these qualifications would take the honors as the absolute best mobile spy software of all time.

  • Lots of Spy Features. - the more the better - right?
  • Reliable - tons of spy features that don't work or don't work right result in frustration at the very least and certainly the best cell phone spy does not make you frustrated.
  • Stealth - this is probably THE most important feature of a phone spy and it basically means it is a phone spy that runs totally hidden and in the background. Probably the worst thing that can happen is your spying on your wife to see if she is cheating and a phone spy pop up notice of some sort appears on the screen of her cell phone.
  • Technical Support - installing and using a phone spy can be an intimidating proposition at best for most people and to know that a trained professional is there to help you QUICKLY to get the damned thing installed and working right is pretty important. Ironically this one facet of phone spy is the one facet almost all phone spy vendors fail miserably at.
  • Price - If you have the best cell phone spy in the world but you have to refinance your home to use it what good is it. There are phone spy as little as a one time payment of $49 to one that costs $500 for a single year!
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - ironically the more expensive phone spy software have the worst or shortest guarantees which should be the exact opposite.

The following are the popular phone spy that meet these criteria.

The one that comes out on top and gets the award as the best will be the one that wins most of these criteria. Pretty simple right?

  • Lots of Spy Features - hands down Spybubble [ http://www.spybubblespy.info ] spy gets this award. 16 spy features all in all if you go with Spybubble PRO. Spybubble BASIC has 7 spy features.
  • Reliable - the award for the most reliable mobile phone spy, without a doubt, goes to MobileSpy. [ http://www.cellphone-mobilespy.info ] In fact in the three plus years I have been involved with phone spy full time I don't think I have ever seen even one complaint agains MobileSpy.
  • Stealth - these honors of operating 100% totally hidden go to both MobileSpy and Flexispy [ http://www.cellphone-flexispy.info ]. Both of these spy programs run 100% stealth and undetectable as well as un-findable on the target phone.
  • Technical Support - this one goes again to MobileSpy. These guys are real professionals all around. They have been around since 2000 and use their own in house programming team to create their spy products. These guys are one of the only that have a staff of real English speaking people on hand at a toll free number Mon-Fri 9am-5pm to answer questions or help you install their phone spy product. To go the extra mile MobileSpy is an outstanding member of the Better Business Bureau with an A rating.

  • Price - These honors go to EasySpy Cell Tracker [ http://www.cell-tracker.info ] which is $49 one time payment with NO recurring or future fees. Both Spybubble and a lesser known phone spy - PhoneBeagle [ http://www.phonebeaglespy.com ] take second place honors for lowest price. Both cost $49 for a year. Spybubble also has an upgrade to PRO spy plan for $89 per year.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - this one goes to either Spybubble or MobileSpy. Both have a 30 day money back guarantee of satisfaction and both are very good at honoring their guarantee in a professional and courteous manner.

So taking all these factors in to consideration here are the 3 BEST CELL PHONE SPY SOFTWARE from the best at #1, second best #2 and third best at #3.

  1. MobileSpy - in fact the only phone spy criteria that beats number of spy features which goes to Spybubble. MobileSpy has the best cell phone spy package overall. The price is not THE lowest but is still pretty low at $99 per year. Technical support, quality of product and quality of company go to MobileSpy hands down. Overall if you go with MobileSpy as a phone spy software WE pretty much guarantee your going to have a good experience and that is NOT referral affiliate commissions talking.
  2. Spybubble - Spybubble is a close second. They need to brush up slightly on their technical support which is still in the email and submit a ticket dark ages like most phone spy. Spybubble DOES have plans, real soon, to add live technical support to their resume. Number of spy features and price Spybubble does not get beaten.
  3. Anyones Guess?? Who takes third place is tough to say. There are several phone spy that run neck and neck for third prize. PhoneBeagle is a really good phone spy at a very low price. They are only compatible with Blackberry and Android. EasySpy Cell Tracker is the lowest price and comes with TONS of bonus spy related software. What is your opinion of who takes third place for best phone spy software?